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Tuesday Shoesday – Victoria Beckham’s fancy flats

Based on the recent Fashion Week shows, it appears that there has been a shift in footwear fashion for Spring/Summer 2013; flat shoes are everywhere.  According to fashion forecasters, the killer heels no longer have the edge they once did, with many designers sending their models down the catwalk in flat pumps. And this even includes the former high skyscraper heel devotee Victoria Beckham (below). Choosing flats over heels has nothing to do with preferring comfort over style, its simply a case of flat shoes being the ultimate accessory for SS13. True to this, many of the fashionistas at London Fashion Week accessorised their outfits with flats and low-heels, from spangly metallic loafers and bold-print brogues, to plush velvet, beaded embellished pumps and ornate brocade slippers.

And luckily this is a trend that you can follow fairly cheaply with bargain pumps currently in-store in your local Primark – these studded flats are £12 and these almond shoes cover two of this season’s trends with its dark toe-cap – this pair is only £5, what a bargain!



Famous Tutus – Will Harper Seven take after Posh?


Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the poshest of them all? Yes, Victoria Beckham is making yet another appearance on the Cassiefairy blog, as she has been spotted wearing layers of tulle and big frothy dresses, looking not unlike a fairy tutu! These gorgeous creations by Valentino, Marc Jacobs and co are the simply grown-up versions of the fairy costumes I love so much.

This made me wonder whether her little daughter Harper Seven will get to dress up in fairy princess tutus as she grows older. If Posh‘s penchant for ruffles is anything to go by, the little baby will be wrapped up in sparkly tutus as soon as she can walk.



Tuesday Shoesday – The Invasion of the Killer Heels

Guiseppe Zanotti Killer Heels

‘A Modern Torture’ is how Polly Vernon describes the wearing and ‘Invasion of the Killer Heels’ in The Times Magazine on 22.10.11. It’s an excellent article to read, with graphic illustrations of famous women falling off their high heels in public. Here’s a summary of the article:

“High-heeled shoes used to be tricksy but ultimately do-able numbers: 3½in or thereabouts of stiletto which required practice and well-applied blister plasters to master. But now heels are 5, 6, even 7in high; they depend on heavy platform sole attachments to make them vaguely feasible. Even with the platforms, walking about in such shoes requires the balance, skill, nerve and blind determination of a prima ballerina.

Still, these shoes are on sale in every shoe shop on the high street, on every popular e-tail site. Extreme heels have become ubiquitous, shorthand for coveted glamour, the standard, even, on modern footwear. There’s Victoria Beckham, hightailing it across a busy Manhattan street, stacked Louboutin booties on her feet, newborn baby girl clutched to her chest. There’s Lady Gaga, wearing wedge heels so high she requires a bodyguard to carry her from one place to the next like a weary toddler. There’s The Only Way Is Essex wannabes teetering off for a night out on the town, the X Factor finalist wobbling onto stage…

Polly Vernon in some relatively sensible shoe-boot heels!

What is indisputable about these heels is that they hurt women’s feet. Damage them, even. The platforms might make them structurally viable; the engineering involved in the very expensive versions might make them marginally more comfortable than you would at first expect, and having watched Lauren Goodger of The Only Way Is Essex motor at reasonable speed across a studio floor in 6in minimum of nude patent Louboutin court without so much as flinching, I can testify to the fact that practice does allow some women to move with relative ease in extreme heels – but still. The angles involved, the pressure brought to bear on the balls of our feet and the risk of falling off what is, essentially, a small pair of designer stilts amount to considerable harm.

Women know this. They know it hurts to wear them; they know that there’s treachery incorporated into their every step, and they know how much time they spend tending to the wounds they endure following a night in them. Foot professionals are dealing with the fallout, too.  Podiatrist Bastien Gonzalez says of killer heels; “it is bad for the front heels. There is a lot of pressure on the toes, and a lot more callouses on the top of the toes. Also, the problem is never tomorrow; it is over the years. I’ve been working in New York for 15 years, and there are women I see with tendons so retracted, they can’t put their feet flat on the floor any more.”

Ah, but wait: the creative director of Kurt Geiger reports; “It’s strange, but just now, over the past three months, my bestselling shoe has got shorter. Now, it’s the single [non-platform] sole stiletto, and our bestselling heel height is now lower as an average. I’ve got wedges which are 6 or 7in tall, and they are just getting higher, and they sell. But they are not the bulk of the sales. Those are definitely shorter.” Which might not mean the end is in sight for the extreme heel yet, of course. It might mean women are simply doubling our consumption of shoes, switching the flat ones in when the high ones get unbearable. But still.”

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Tuesday Shoesday – The Shoe Box

When one of my friends got in touch with me with a suggestion for Tuesday Shoesday I was suddenly very excited and desperate to get involved, and I’m now going to share the information with you too…

“Have you ever bought a pair of shoes and thought how great they were and fancied sharing them with the world? Well, now you can on The Shoe Box!”

There is a new feature being launched on MSN Life & Style where you can upload photos of your gorgeous shoes (with a few words about why they are your favourite shoes & where you got them from) and pretty soon you’ll be making everyone jealous of your beautiful footwear!

If you want to show off your shoes in The Shoe Box on MSN, upload your pictures here: PostboxMSNShoeBox

And here’s the photo of my favourite red patent wedge heels that I’m about to add to The Shoe Box right now! Thanks for telling me about this Jenna! And get your shoes on there too!

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Tuesday Shoesday – Pitter Patter of Posh Paws

As Victoria Beckham has recently given birth to her long-awaited daughter Harper Seven (we won’t even mention the name) I thought it would be fun to investigate the world of glamorous childrens’ shoes! Especially as news reports have indicated that Posh’s little baby will be sporting tiny knitted Louboutins complete with red sole, it seems an appropriate topic for Tuesday Shoesday this week.

Here’s another option for the Beckhams’ baby to crawl around in a few months down the line – some blinging pink Dior baby shoes, complete with organza bow to make sure they stay safely attached to tiny feet; some Gucci classics and for toddling around this winter these baby Uggs!


Also, if Posh wants to encourage a “like mother, like daughter” headline, she could be seen stepping out in these matching hers and hers Louboutins


Am I the only one who makes an audible awwwww when confronted with a tiny pair of Timberlands?? I have even been known to buy ‘ickle booties for my teddybear Percy in lieu of having a baby to wear them – although I’m fairly certain that if I ever bought these designer shoes for a baby, I’d never be able to afford to feed that child again!

Now here’s somethingthat I hope VB will never do to her child – high heels at such a young age, like her pal Katie Holmes’ child Suri Cruise. Does she really need to be any taller than she is? And surely it can’t be doing any good to her growing feet? I suppose at least Suri has someone to carry her home at the end of the day – my nights are mostly spent hobbling home at fractionally over zero mph, asking my husband to give me a piggy back, or abandoning my heels altogether and walking home (disgustingly enough) barefoot!


Anyway, good luck to Posh, Becks and baby Harper, and fingers crossed that the Louboutin soles are only on flats and not baby Lolita heels!

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Tuesday Shoesday – Posh heels

As Victoria Beckham once again comes under fire for wearing high heels during her pregnancy (pretty much the same story that ran during each of her previous pregnancies…) I’ve turned my attention to her gorgeous designer shoe collection and specifically the shoes that she wore to the Royal Wedding.


Victoria finally lived up to her “Posh” nickname by being offically invited to a Royal Wedding and by wearing an amazing (not to mention expensive) designer outfit consisting of a Philip Treacy hat, her own VB design dress and a pair of customised Christian Louboutin heels.

Although looking slightly more funeral than summer wedding in style, her navy outfit was bang on trend (following in the footsteps of Kate Middletons navy engagement dress). However, I cannot understand how Victoria could walk in those shoes, pregnancy or no pregnancy. Personally, I struggle with 4 inch heels! And those Louboutins look particularly painful on the arches!


Even so, I love the style of the patent leather and the platform soles – the simplicity of these shoes means that they could be worn with any outfit, day or night. As you can see above, Victoria Beckham has worn similar style heels on numerous occasions! So here’s my top picks of the copy-cat shoes on the high street from Dorothy Perkins, Next and New Look :


Now we can all be a little bit more posh!


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