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Tutus Spotted – Even car companies are featuring fairies!

I spotted a very cute fairy bouncing around in her tutu in a car advert recently and have added it to my growing collection of tutus spotted in advertising.

Although VW are now only showing the shorter edited version of this advert on the telly, I did a quick YouTube search for the full advert and found it straight away. I really like this advert (as far a car advertising goes, it’s quite nice!) and I find myself getting a little emotional at the end, especially as my brother and his wife are expecting their first child this summer. As a family of VW enthusiasts who already own a few Dubs including a campervan, I wonder if they’ll buy their child a Polo for their first car after seeing this advert?! Anyway, here it is:


Tutus & fairies galore – in the “Grandma’s Tin” Mr Kipling’s TV advert

I saw this advert over the weekend and it was full of little girls and boys in cute fancy dress costumes, including lots of tutus and fairy wings! Of course I was delighted with it and simply had to share this adorable advert with you. Here’s the full advert video on YouTube:


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