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Tuesday Shoesday ~ YOUR shoes

If someone asked you to show them your favourite shoes, which pair would you pick and why? That’s exactly what I’ve asked my lovely readers to do and I’m pleased to report that lots of bloggers were able to answer that difficult question! I’ve compiled the images that all you fabulous fashionistas have been sending in to share with you all this Tuesday Shoesday. It’s been SO interesting to see how different their favourite footwear is and to read the reasons why these shoes have made the top of their list. If you’d like to join in with the discussion, why not send me a pair of your favourite shoes and be featured in a future Tuesday Shoesday article? Email me and in the meantime have a read of all these fabulous stories:

Vicki from hen party planners Dizzy Events sent me the photo below of a pair of Mary Jane heels that she bought from Topshop years ago; “I have LOADS of shoes, far too many in fact but these always stand out because of the memories attached to them. My best friend Taya (co-thinker-upper of Dizzy Events) and I decided on a whim one Friday night that we’d meet outside Topshop on Oxford Street, ignore our diminutive bank balances and buy a pair of shoes. She bought a red pair and I bought these. Then we went out-out. It’s always remembered as The Night Of The Whimsical New Shoes and I don’t think we’ll ever be able to do that again, now that we’re older and responsible with our money (sort of).  They’re my favourite Impulse Shoes.” What a fabulous story – I need to go shopping for impulse shoes more often!

tuesday shoesday blogger favourite shoes dizzy events and brogues from remotely fashion

I first encountered writer and stylist Miriam during her inspirational talk at London Fashion Weekend where she and graphic designer Siobhan discussed their corner of the blogosphere Remotely Fashion and blogging within the fashion industry. They are the worthy winners of The Clothes Show Live Fashion Blogger of the Year Award so I was pretty excited to see which shoes Miriam had chosen as her favourites – these gold brogues above; “Now in their 7th year, they’re looking a little bit worse for wear, but I have yet to find a suitable replacement for my ‘dancers’!” I am completely in love with my brogues too so I know how she feels!

The creative ladies from The New Craft Society and winners of Cosmopolitan’s Best Craft Blog award got in touch to share their joint favourite shoes – Hannah and Rosie both chose their comfy Vans trainers; “We both love our Vans because they’re so easy to throw on and go. R’s are in a limited edition Liberty print whereas H’s are more basic and significantly more worn! When holes start to appear in the toes you know it’s time for a new pair!” Very true! I get through a few pairs of cheapie trainers each year, so I’ve been inspired to splash out on a decent pair this summer – especially if I can find some as beautiful as these!

tuesday shoesday favourite shoes from glitter daze and the new craft society trainers

Jenna from Glitter Daze blog couldn’t decide between her two favourite pairs of shoes – so she sent me photos of both: “I love both these pairs – the diamante pair because they are sparkly and I got them in the January sales, and the grey pair because they are so comfortable and I wore them to a friends wedding last year which I loved.” Jenna is a finalist in the wedding category of the National Blog Awards so perhaps she’ll wear one of these gorgeous pairs to the awards ceremony in April?!

Lucy from inspirational blog LucyLovesYa got in touch to share her favourite pair of trainers. If you’ve already read her blog, you’ll know how much she loves Converse and that she has quite a collection going on, so it must have been difficult to choose just one pair! “Being a mega Converse fan, my eyes popped out of my head when I saw these! I so wanted to be Wonder Woman when I was little. Just daren’t wear them too much incase they get ruined :)” I completely understand because I too had a lovely pair of cute patterned Babycham trainers that I liked so much that I didn’t want to ruin them by wearing them, but now they have tucked away in their shoebox for the past 3 years and have barely been on my feet so maybe it’s time to get them out again!

tuesday shoesday lucy loves ya and confessions of a fashion stylist blog shoes

Industry professional Janelle from Confessions of a Fashion Stylist sent me these photos of her stunning metallic strappy heels – bang on trend for Spring/Summer 2014 and super-glamourous! She says “I love these shoes because they’re perfect for a dressy look or add an instant touch of glam to a casual look.  I pair these with boyfriend jeans and a clutch as one of my favourite looks.” The metallic trend is massive right now so I’m super-jealous of these gorgeous sandals – although I’m not sure I could walk in those killer heels!

Photographer Claire from Lacey in Places shared some lovely images of her top pumps below along with a story of her childhood recollections of where her passion for shoes began; “When I was little, every weekend I used to look forward to visiting my grand parents so I could watch the Wizard of Oz on video tape. I managed to successfully beg my mum for a shiny, patent pair of red t-bar shoes from Clarks. I used to pretend I was Dorothy, being transported to a new land to meet scarecrow, tin man and the lion, then clicking my heels to go home. I hadn’t owned a pair of red shoes for years, until my friend Becky bought me these red Dune shoes. I fell in love with them, they are soo comfy and I love the splash of colour they add to any outfit. These shoes have been with me to so many new lands as I love to explore new places from Morocco, the Caribbean to trips closer to home.  I have many happy memories whilst wearing these shoes, including celebrating my 30th Birthday at work, where my friends decided to advertise how old I was!!”
tuesday shoesday favourite shoes lacey in places
In summary: Comfort is key, with lots of contributers sending in photographs of their trainers or their old faithful shoes. When heels have been chosen it’s because they are a comfortable pair of heels and the wearer can dance the night away in them. You may notice that I haven’t actually shared my favourite shoes with you, and that’s because I simply cannot choose between them! But I will make a shortlist and share them in a future blog post. I know that a few more readers are in the process of sending me photos and stories about their favourite shoes so I’m going to share another article about YOUR favourite shoes during April. If you’ve been inspired to contribute after reading all these stores above please send me your photos to – I can’t wait to see what shoes YOU love the most!


Tuesday Shoesday ~ Maritime trend

With reports of an approaching heat wave, the UK is already gearing up for summer. The supermarkets are stocking up on BBQ goodies and I’ve seen plenty of garden products being pushed in stores. It’s as if we’ve all forgotten that we usually get frosty mornings, sub-zero temperatures and sometimes snowstorms at this time of year. The weather in 2014 has been surprisingly mild and despite buying loads of anti-freeze, windscreen scrapers and de-icer, I’ve not been defrosting the car each morning. Despite buying thermal tights, fluffy socks and insulated boots, I’ve not been stomping through drifts of snow. My woolly scarf, padded coat and chunky jumper has remained unworn. This winter has been weird and unseasonably mild. As a result, the we have decided to skip spring and are ready for summer right now – and it looks like the weather agrees!

Most fashion brands also agree and we’re all looking forward to the trends of the summer already. There are florals, metallic, pastels and – my favourite – maritime. This is what I’m looking at today because even though we’re ready for summer I’d like to hedge my bets and invest in new season footwear that can be worn in the colder weather with tights if needed! No sandals for me just yet – I’m sticking to deck shoes and I’m loving them! Check out these different looks:

spring summer 2014 shoe footwear nautical trends from chatham marine

Maritime trend c/o Chatham Marine Lookbook

As you can see, these cute little pumps are great for all kinds of fashion looks: on-trend and stylish for workwear, classy for special occasions and comfortable for casual looks. And of course a pair of leather or suede deck shoes are perfect for following the SS14 maritime fashion trend in a subtle way. You don’t have to wear a stripes or a full-on life jacket to get the nautical look – a pair of soft flat shoes will get the look without you needing to invest in a whole new wardrobe. Plus, as you can see above, they can be worn with a variety of looks all spring/summer long – they look equally cool with trousers, shorts, skirts or dresses. There are very few footwear choices that can achieve that kind of versatility and this ensures that you’ll get a decent amount of wear out of your deck shoes every year. Here are a few of my favourites from Chatham and (as I am quite greedy when it comes to shoes) I want them all!

spring summer 2014 shoe footwear nautical trend deck shoes from chatham

Tropez Moccasin ~ Rita White ~ Fern pumps

You can just imagine how comfortable these shoes would be when going on long summer walks and they would look equally fabulous on the beach as they would in the office. I especially love the tassel trim on the suede pumps above, plus the colours are so girly and cute, including Pantone’s colour of the year Radiant Orchid and summer colour Mykonos Blue. As deck shoes are such a design classic it’s the detail that counts – so keep an eye out for contrast stitching and embroidered stripes like those on the heel of the Rita shoes above. Although I am ‘vertically challenged’ I think I’d rather wear deck shoes (and be both comfortable and on-trend this summer) than exchange comfort for extra height from heels. What do you think of the maritime trend and this modern take on deck shoes? Will you be wearing comfy flats yourself this Summer? Let me know in the comments below :)

Get involved in a future Tuesday Shoesday blog post – Do you have a pair of shoes that you absolutely love? If you’d like to share your favourites – whether they’re your old reliable boots or your snazziest heels – please send a snap to me with a sentence about why they are your faves to I’ll posting them in an article later this month and will link back to your own blog or website, so get in touch!

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Tuesday Shoesday ~ Your time to shine!

The title of this blog post has two meanings today – firstly I’m going to be chatting about polishing shoes and preserving your leather goods and, secondly, it really is your time to shine, because I’m asking you, my lovely blog reader, to send me a photo of your favourite shoes! I’m hoping to compile a blog post featuring all of your best shoes and I’ll happily link back to you if you have a blog too – so please get in touch But in the meantime – on to the subject at hand…

Polish. Do we need it? How much does it help with protecting our shoes? Is it just for boots or can you use it on handbags too? Do new shoes need polishing before wearing? To buff or not to buff, that is the question.

Clarks Erica Alice tan leather brogue ankle boot

I’ve just bought this new pair of ankle boots from Clarks along with a pair of knee high boot in the sale and as an investment buy I want to keep them looking as lovely as I can for as long as possible. We’ve all been stood at the till in a shoe shop when the shop assistant asks us if we need polish or protector for our shoes. Do we? ermm… my answer is honestly I don’t know… I mean, I don’t usually need to buy any at the checkout anyway because I’m sure I have a tin full of polishing goodies at home. But do I need to polish them up at all? For a girl who is rather pushed-for-time anyway, I’m not sure I can fit a polishing session into my busy schedule!

So when I came home with my goodies yesterday, the first thing I did was start researching the importance of polishing leather boots and the resounding answer was YES you do need to polish your shoes. Okay, I kind of knew this already and have brought many a pair of boots back from the brink of destruction with a bucket-load of polish and a good buff with a brush. I’ve even discussed the benefits of reheeling a pair of my favourite dancing shoes here on the blog, so I know it’s important to look after your leathers. But what about polishing before you wear them? This is more of a grey area. Some people say not to bother and just carry on with a regular polishing routine after wearing. But industry professionals, including shoe manufacturers and shop owners, tell us that it is a good idea to give your shoes a polish even before you step outside in them. I used to be under the impression that polishing shoes was something you did when they had got so dirty that you could barely make out what shoe colour was there beneath the mud..!

How to polish your new leather shoes to keep them protected and clean

My boots were an absolute bargain buy from the children’s section (I’ve mentioned buying from the kids department in the past in my article the cheapest way to buy shoes ) and are so on trend right now – I saw loads of these tan ankle brogues on the feet of fashionistas at London Fashion Weekend and immediately coveted them. I was so lucky when I found these cute ‘Erica Alice’ boots in the online sale on and I was even happier when I realised that I could order them to be delivered to my local store so that I could try them on before even spending a penny on them – and no obligation to buy them – I’m definitely going to be using this service again! I ordered them in two sizes 4 and 4.5 so that I could be sure to get the best possible fit and I tried them on in the comfort of the plush Clarks store before making my decision. Although they already look lovely and shiny, and although I was super-eager to put them on my feet immediately, I wanted to make sure that this pale-coloured leather stayed as gorgeous as possible, so should I polish them before wearing?

Specialists say that adding a thin layer of polish to newly bought boots will certainly do them no harm and can even help to protect them as you step out in them for the first time. For example, a polished boot might get a scuff on them, but this can usually be buffed out as it will have only affected the top layer – which is technically the polish layer. If a non-polished boot gets scuffed, the mark will be directly on the leather and will be harder to get rid of. I found this out actually during the polishing process, when my nail scuffed on the toe of the boot. Luckily, it had already been polished and a quick buff removed the white scuff straight away and my boot look liked new again. I also found out that when new boots reach the store after the manufacturing process, it is unlikely that they have been polished up for sale, so adding your own layer of protection won’t hurt and could save you a lot of heartache when you bump into something while wearing them. So add a thin layer of polish to your boots in a circular motion using a lint-free cloth (I used an old sock with holes in!) then give them a brush all over with a shoe brush (which I’m pretty sure you can pick up in a pound shop) and a final buff with the cloth to bring up the shine.

How to polish your new leather shoes to keep them protected

Obviously, polish isn’t a wonder-product – it’s been around for years – and a layer of polish won’t stop you scratching or scraping your boots while you’re out and about, so you still need to tread carefully, but taking care of your shoes when you get home will pay off over the years as your shoes continue to shine with all the loving treatment you’re giving them. Think of it as protecting your skin with a SPF when you go out into the sun and then moisturising your face at the end of the day to keep it supple – both of which are going to keep your skin looking all the more lovely over the years and it is the same with polishing shoes – you are both protecting and nourishing with a quick buff up. And in this era of throwaway fashion, surely it’s better to invest in one gorgeous pair of real leather boots and keep them clean and protected so that you can be sure that your comfortable boots last as long as possible and don’t end up broken and split, clogging up our landfill sites? It must be better for the environment and for your purse to spend 79p on a tin of polish (like I did yesterday!) and keep your shoes looking pretty for years to come!

And lastly, a reminder that I’d like you send me a snap of your footwear favourites so that I can share them in a future Tuesday Shoesday blog post – email me to let me know why they are your best boots or hottest heels and I’ll happily link back to your blog too. I’ve got a fab pair of Clarks Moody Jazz boots that are my new favourites and I’ll definitely be sharing them in a future blog post along with all your lovely footwear favourites! My email address is so send over your photos and I can’t wait to see your special shoes! :)


Tuesday Shoesday ~ New season looks from New York Fashion Week

New York fashion week is in full swing and (along with watching some downright crazy-dangerous competitions in the Winter Olympics) I’ve been scouring all the gorgeous fashion collections over the weekend. I’ve certainly got my favourites, including Vivienne Tam’s stag dress, which is perfect for next Autumn/Winter, and there have been some looks that I can’t see anyone wearing, let alone myself. But it’s Tuesday Shoesday and I wanted to bring you the best (and the worst) of the new season’s footwear so you can get a head start on planning your shoe wardrobe for next winter.

The first pair of shoes are, in my opinion, the kind of crazy ‘who-actually-wears-this?’ design that we can’t believe someone has made. That someone is Alexander Wang and I just know that the designer’s bags and shoes will definitely be influencing the high street – I bet Topshop is making a copy of this neon utility satchel right now – but this pair of shoe-boots below? Will we really all be wearing half-calf shin-pad mules come September 2014? I’m not sure that’s a look I’m going to be sporting and I couldn’t bear to cut up my knee-high boots to create a thrifty version, so I think I’ll be giving Wang’s space-age military leg-guards a miss. The bag however, is mine, all mine.

New York fashion week shoes by Alexander Wang and Christian Siriano for autumn winter 2014

Images c/o Washington Post

One of my favourite collections was by Christian Siriano and was full of autumn colours – all plums, greens and classic black – and I think most of the shades and styles were very wearable. My own look will certainly be influenced by this designer, as I already have plenty of dresses in these colours in my wardrobe and will be happy to get another season’s wear out of them this Autumn/Winter. I especially loved this glitzy dress above which looks like it has been sprinkled with gold-leaf (maybe I’ll try a DIY on my existing dresses to get this look…) and just check out those shoes! This mega-embellished heel touches on the sparkly metallic look that we’re already seeing arriving in stores for Spring/Summer and I think that over-embellishment might be a new trend for Autumn/Winter. I like the crunchy, three-dimensional, broken-glass design and it looks much less tacky than its studded leather footwear predecessors from last year.

manolo-blahnik_at New York fashion week from the telegraph

Manolo’s shoes c/o The Telegraph

Manolo Blahnik has also gone for rich colours such as greens, navy and purple in his more wearable collection and you can see from the images above that he too has over-embellished shoes with frilly flowers and beads.  Really, anything goes in terms of this 3D embellishment trend – whatever makes your shoes stand out and look a little bit OTT is great! I think that this would be the ultimate home-made DIY fashion and you could easily recreate your favourite designer shoes – just a grab one of your old pairs of heels, a glue gun and lots of sparkly embellishments from the craft shop to get the look for yourself at home!

So in terms of colours for A/W14 , choose deep forest greens, velvety blacks and rich plums, which will see you all the way through from September to February.  And for your night-out footwear, feel free to choose heavily laden textured or embellished heels and remember my motto – the sparklier, the better! Let me know what you think about these new trends  – and which designer influences you’ll be taking away from New York Fashion Week 2014? – leave me a comment below :)

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Tuesday Shoesday ~ Slip into something comfortable

It’s Tuesday Shoesday I-wish-I-could-snooze-day. For some reason I am super-tired today, which is why your weekly hit of footwear is coming to you a little later than expected after a very slow start this morning. There’s no reason that I should be so sleepy this morning, in fact I’ve had a really rather relaxing weekend with much less rushing around than normal. Our favourite pub has started opening on Sunday afternoons so hubby and I had a particularly chilled-out Sunday of drinking tea and eating cake… very restful and sloth-like. Monday wasn’t particularly difficult either, and I was in bed by 10pm so really there is no explanation for why I’m desperate to snuggle up in my PJs and have a lie-in today.

At least something good has come out of my Sleeping-Beauty-esque mentality – today’s Tuesday Shoesday is focussing on something I’d love to be mooching around the house in right now – slippers. That’s right, the top quality pun in the title of this blog post is not there by accident, oh no. I want to discuss slippers so lets do it now!

tuesday shoesday comfortable ladies christmas slipper boots

Cinderella had completely the wrong idea with glass slippers…

Apart from the yawns that I’m currently directing at the laptop screen, I know why I want to bring your attention to how awesome slippers are. And that’s because I was given a pair by my mother a couple of weeks ago and they have hardly been off my feet since. It’s a pair of slipper-boots in a classic Christmas-jumper knit which she ordered from a newspaper special offer – a pair for her and one extra pair for me. The eagle-eyed of you will know when they arrived from their appearance on my Instagram feed! They are the kind of slippers that have no left or right foot, so I had to keep the tags on for the first week so that I knew which was which. Now that they’ve been worn in a little, it’s really obvious when I put my right foot in the left slipper – because it just feels so wrong. Who knew that feet could create such a knobbly sole that is super-lumpy on the wrong foot, but über-comfortable on the right one? And when I say comfortable, I mean a HUG for my feet, and no exaggeration!

I’ve since become one of those people who take my slippers with me when I go to visit someone at home so that I can change out of my boots into my slippers. I’d watched parents and aunts and uncles do this when they visited each other for years – my parents-in-law still bring a little hessian bag full of slippers when they pop round for a cup of tea – but I never thought that I’d ever be one of those people. How wrong I was! Do you recognise this behaviour in your own family? Maybe yourself? Is it an age thing? I hope that it’s simply because I’m fond of my funky slippers, or because I like having warm feet, or because they make me feel at home even when I’m not, rather than having morphed into my parents… gulp.

Tuesday Shoesday comfortable mens slippers

Hubby has known the joy of slippers for a while now, having picked up a pair of undeniably ‘granddaddy’ loafers from a charity shop during the year. I used to mock him for wearing them around the house, but now that I know the secret world of slipper-love, I feel bad about all the ribbing, and have taken it all back. We are now a two-slipper family and there’s no going back. Remember when I blogged about Chatty Feet on Tuesday Shoesday a couple of weeks ago? Well, those socks look excellent in a pair of slippers – so relaxed – and if hubby and I can bear to take our feet out of our slippers for long enough, our toes can have a happy conversation with each other about now comfortable they are in their foot-duvets before going back to sleep. Oh dear, I feel a nap coming on again…

So come on, is it really just me in love with their slippers or am I actually a late adopter of this footwear? Have you all had snuggly feet for years and I’ve been the only one with chilly toes? Maybe it’s just the time of year and my obsession will drop-off again in the summer? Please let me know that I’m not on my own or simply aging prematurely – there must be someone else out there with slippers on their feet as we speak and if there is, please get in touch!


Tuesday Shoesday ~ My teenage boots

What did you wear as a teenager? Were you brought up in the era of 90s neon, grunge, skater, goth? If you remember all the clothes that are currently being sold in New Look the first time round (and the music they’re playing too, for that matter) then you were probably a 90s teen and, like me, probably had a pair of DMs permanently glued to your feet. This Tuesday Shoesday blog post is dedicated to my teenage feet and the new boots I’m stomping around in – my Doc Martens.

I know I’ve written about my search for reasonably priced DMs in the past (actually it was on my 100th blog post back in 2001 and now that I’ve just reached 900 blog posts I think it’s safe to revisit it now!) and how I’d settled on buying a pair of similar chunky pull-on boots from Barratts. The fact that they didn’t last beyond the first frost, cracked across the sole and had to be replaced by a pair from Office was frustrating, even though my Office boots have been on my feet ever since. However, the effect of these boots wasn’t quite what I was going for – I felt more sophisticated rather than teenage in my Office boots. So I carried on looking, and when a pair of knee-high Doc Marten boots were reduced in the Oxfam Fashion sale last year, I snapped them up and excitedly waited for them to arrive and I wrote all about them here. But when I laced them up for the first time I realised why I’d never bought knee-high lace-ups in the past – they took ageeees to do up. And everyone knows that you need to wear your DM boots as often as possible to fulfil their comfort potential, and I simply couldn’t spare the time to lace them up every day. So they went back in to their box and I just looked at them every so often so that they didn’t feel left out. I still loved the look of the DMs, but these taller boots weren’t exactly right to recreate my daily teenage look.

tuesday shoesday my teenage boots doc martens shoes

If I’m too lazy to lace up ankle-boots what hope was there for knee-highs?

So when my husband presented me with a big box in those unmistakable yellow-and-black colours at Christmas I was excited and tore my way into the shoe box. And there they were – the exact pair of black ankle boots that I’d worn throughout my teen years with tiny skirts and 40 denier tights. I had no idea that he’d bought me these boots – I hadn’t even put them on my extensive Christmas list – so he’d not only been reading my blog and listening to my reminiscing about my teenage self, but he’d actually gone out and bought a pair for me in the right size and, best of all, he hadn’t paid full price for them! Christmas is an odd occasion in our thrifty household where we hand over an amazing present that the other person loves, and then we make the gift-giving even better by telling them how much money we saved on buying it! Then we can all be truly impressed by our bargain hunting skills AND the gift itself.

caitlin moran writer doc martens

Caitlin Moran images from an interview I’ve enjoyed reading in GQ

I pulled on my favourite thermal-lined tights (yes, I have grown up in some ways since my teens) and I put on my new Doc Martens. They immediately felt comfortable – much more so than the knee-high boots – and as I looked in the mirror, I saw my teenage legs reflected back at me. I felt like a cross between the 15-year-old me heading out to the youth-club disco thinking I was the bees knees and super-star writer Caitlin Moran in one of her columns (ha, I wish!). As it was Christmas day and I’d already planned to wear my red lace dress, I soon began to resemble a blonde Lily Allen in my prom dress and chunky boots, and I felt great! It’s amazing how a pair of boots affect the way you feel and the way you carry your self, but they really did make a difference to my life and have done every time that I’ve put them on my feet since.

tuesday shoesday my teenage doc marten boots

So hubby got mega bonus points this Christmas and I have never known another item of clothing to have the ability to transport me back to my teenage years so successfully. Let me know if you’ve ever experience anything like this yourself and do you still have any of your teenage shoes tucked away in your wardrobe? I think I need to hunt out the first pair of glitter dolly-shoes I ever bought from River Island and see whether they have a similar effect!

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Tuesday Shoesday ~ Chatty Feet

Welcome to another Tuesday Shoesday… or should I say Sockday? I don’t usually feature specific products on my Tuesday Shoesday blog posts but today I’m making an exception because I’ve just spent the weekend playing with my new Chatty Feet socks! If you’ve never seen these socks before I highly recommend you check out their website because my husband, my nephew and I had the best time messing around with our new character socks and here are the photos we took:

tuesday shoesday chatty feet professor brian sox and sigmund socks

There are a whole selection of characters available from Chatty Feet but I chose the coolest of the bunch for myself – Prof. Brian Sox! Above you can see the professor himself taking a selfie with Dr. Sigmund Socks just before going to a big conference on ‘measuring intelligence through footwear’. My husband and I enjoyed playing with the socks so much, that we spent most of Saturday morning with our feet in the air acting out scenes from the scientists’ lives – including me doing my best ‘I’m Professor Briiiiian Sox’ impression and hubby adopting a very accurate Austrian accent while Sigmund told Brian that ‘there was no pedi-cure for his condition’.

chatty feet for toddlers and adults

So you can imagine our excitement when my toddler nephew came round for lunch and we gave him his own pairs of chatty feet – a mini Brian Sox and moustache-wearing bandit Mr. Grrrril. One of each face went on my nephew’s tiny feet and one of the socks even turned into a hand puppet as he ran around tickling people with Mr. Grrrril. Again, stories were acted out (I wish we’d filmed it now) and it turns out that the socks like to attack each other – see foot-squashing photo below – Brian Sox looks rather distressed don’t you think?

tuesday shoesday chatty feet baby socks

We also watched some of the videos on the Chatty Feet website and I can’t possibly finish this bog post without mentioning the Laundry Collider video which I have included below for your viewing pleasure. After my nephew had been thoroughly tired out by all the sock fun, my hubby and I had a rest… and Prof. Brian Sox was very helpful in persuading Sigmund Socks to put the kettle on and make him (me!) a cup of tea. So I think it’s been well worth dedicating this week’s Tuesday Shoesday blog post to the things that go inside your shoes because I don’t think I’ve had this much fun with a pair of socks since I turned one into a puppet at primary school. Childish it may be… but there’s nothing wrong with all the generations of a family playing together – and now I want all the other characters too – I’ve got my eye on Brad Feet..!


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