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Tuesday Shoesday – Making your favourite shoes last

Last week I took my trusty old dancing shoes to be reheeled. I don’t know why I’ve been putting it off (actually, I do know why – the price!) but they have been waiting for new heels since one plopped off just before Christmas. They have been out of action ever since, apart from a couple of occasions where I just had to wear them because I had no other comfortable high heels to wear. The result was a worn away stump of a heel and leather that had puckered up and started peeling away. I wish I’d taken a photo of them in their unkempt state because you can’t imagine how bad these shoes had started to look.

But in spite of their grossly abused state, I still loved these shoes. They had done me proud for about 5 or 6 years, are black leather so go with everything and are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever parked my tooties in. After a day’s work and a night’s dancing they were still comfortable on my feet. And you can’t put a price on comfort, can you?!

Well apparently, you can. It’s about £8 for new heels at my local cobblers (maybe a chain like Timpsons would be less? and I remember that as a student I could use my NUS card for a discount at Timpsons, so check that out too if you’re considering a shoe repair). I went for the über-hardwearing heels at a cost of £1 extra because I knew how much wear I get out of these shoes and want them to live on as long as possible.

So I left my beloved shoes (trembling, I imagine) in the hands of a professional cobbler and waltzed off around the shops for half an hour. And when I returned, my lovely little shoes were barely recognisable – not only were they sturdily re-heeled, but the peeling leather had been neatly smoothed and tucked under the heel. Both shoes have had a complete makeover, professionally polished and buffed, and even the puckered chunks in the leather on the heel had somehow been erased. I can honestly say that my shoes looked as good as new. In fact, I’ll go as far as to say better than new; because they were my comfortable shoes, and didn’t need wearing in!

So I handed over my cash with delight and my shoes and I are looking forward to another 5 years together. And even then I bet I could have them refurbished again! Okay, these shoes probably only cost me around £15-20 in the first place (they are only New Look shoes after all) and my shoe repair was around half that price but I think that the cost-per-wear works out pretty good over all the years that I’ve worn them. And now they’ll last many more years to come, as long as I look after them well with a loving polish every so often. So no more blisters for me!


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