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Why can’t I be a pin-up girl when I’m cooking?

Check out this cute apron that I recently spotted in the gift shop on Southwold pier. It’s a sexy, hour-glass shaped ladies apron, and it’s pretty much the sort of dress I’d love to buy – in fact, if I had two of them I think I’d wear it as a dress!

It’d be great to wear when I’m doing my baking – no longer will I look frumpy, but much more like the sultry domestic goddess I am on the inside ;). As you know, I’m pretty thrifty and am already hatching a plan to create my own sexy apron! In fact, I have some particularly nice cotton fabric that I haven’t found a use for yet, so maybe I’ll have a go at adding some buttons and beads to customise my own apron!


Burlesque dance class – update

As I mentioned last week, I was off to try out a taster session of a Burlesque dance class at the weekend, and I promised to let you know how I got on… Well, it certainly didn’t disappoint! I dragged one of my girlfriends along with me for support and I’m pleased to say we had a right good giggle from start to finish. I think I may have performed a little better if I’d alone going to the class alone, as I was rather distracted by her pouty face and my showing off!

I’m pleased to report that the class contained everything I’d hoped for; strutting our stuff in heels, striking pin-up poses, and throwing sexy shapes like “The Marilyn”. And best of all we had props to use! The burlesque teacher (in full corset and sparkly bra, I might add) had brought along slinky gloves so that we could learn to take them off in a sultry fashion, and fluffy feather boas for twirling and shimmying during the dance routine that we learnt.

All in all, a fun class, not really a workout class, but really enjoyable. I’m hoping to go to the permanent burlesque class when the dance school’s autumn schedule starts up in sept, so I must have enjoyed myself! I’ve always had pretty burlesque tutus on my website but who knew that I’d need one for myself?!


Want something to do today? Try making your own Pin Up Doll!

I had a very busy day ahead of me yesterday when I accidentally wandered on to this site – a website that lets you create ‘dolls’ of all kinds but what grabbed me (and quickly stole a big wedge of my time!) was the Pin Up doll section!

I spent ages creating my very own mini-me, in lots of different outfits: here’s Domestic Cassiefairy, Evening-gown Cassiefairy and Hard-Working Cassiefairy (above)!


I even found time to make a Pin-Up Amy Childs (below) – what do you think?! So I thought I’d better show you my efforts to make sure that my afternoon wasn’t a complete waste of time!

 I found it strangely addictive and its possible to make any number of dolls in tons of different styles (including weddings, Hogwarts, historical, even ponies!) and the dolls you create can be shared on the site and visitors can vote for their favourites. I certainly enjoyed making the Pin-up Cassiefairy (which ended up looking pretty much like my actual Cassiefairy logo anyway!) and am currently having to be dragged away from the kitten-maker!


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