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Fun Summer Jewellery Trends 2013

Working out what the hot Summer fashion trends will be each year is never too tricky – after all, magazines, fashion blogs and TV adverts show us the latest fashion themes non-stop for months every year! If you pay attention to these, you can easily choose a summer wardrobe full of exciting and interesting styles – this year I’ve gone OTT with florals, and last year it was nautical all the way, so it’s easy to pick a trend and go with it. Where things get tricky is with the little details of a summer outfit, such as jewellery. These trends can be a bit harder to spot, and yet it’s the accessories and the pieces of jewellery that really pull your look together on a day-to-day basis – and they are often the cheapest way to follow a trend.

Ultimately, your jewellery is mostly about your own expression – I mean, no-one else will be wearing the “Cassiefairy” necklace that my friend Claire bought me for my birthday! But that’s not to say that the trends don’t exist, and in some cases they’re a simple to keep up with! So here are a few particularly fun jewellery trends for summer 2013:

Animal Pieces

This is probably the strangest of summer jewellery trends, but if you like to wear a few unique accessories it’s also the most interesting. Basically, animals are in! It might be a gold leopard pendant, a jewel bird dangling on a pair of earrings, or a snake necklace. Whatever the case, if it involves animals it works for summer 2013.

Gems & Beads

Bright, vibrant colours are featured in every piece of clothing and accessories this summer, and the same holds true with jewellery. So, whether you want to go with upscale colourful gemstones, or you prefer a more casual approach with coloured beads, be sure to add some colour to your jewellery box for the next couple of months :)

Necklace Pendants

There are plenty of options for fulfilling this trend. Head to a seaside shop for a simple thread necklace with a seashell pendant on the end, or visit for an ornate diamond pendant like the one below. The trend is as simple as dangling an ornament from a necklace, and it gives you plenty of opportunity to express yourself with a little DIY!

cassiefairy summer 2013 fashion jewellery trends diamonds pendant geometric earrings

Feathers & Flowers

This is another casual trend that allows for personal expression. A set of earrings or a necklace with feathers or artificial flowers hanging on it can certainly be tacky in the wrong circumstances (it reminds me of my teenage style in the 90s, and do I really want to revisit that?!) – but with the right mix of clothing and accessories, it can be a fun look. Plus, it’s a perfect idea for beach fashion, which we’ll all be thinking about during the summer holidays.


You can spot geometric patterns in all kinds of jewellery. Whatever the specific case, having clear shapes worked into jewellery is one of the hottest trends of the year, and demonstrating this style shows that you’ve really been paying attention. I’m planning to get the yellow-and-gold geometric earrings above from Spark Jewellery to wear with my pastel dress to a summer wedding and I can’t get enough of chunky shapes on necklaces either – watch this space for my updates on my new accessories wardrobe!

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My favourite craftspeople – House of the Fickle Queen


I recently stumbled upon a fabulous jewellery company when The House of the Fickle Queen popped up on my Twitter feed and I followed their links to their website where I discovered the cutest retro-pop jewellery! The site is run by Farquarson and Firth who specialize in laser-cut necklaces, brooches and earrings, which they sell alongside quirky charm bracelets and vintage-style cameo rings. All very kitsch, and all very cute!


While the quirky vintage shapes and cameos really caught my eye, it was the personalised jewellery option that stood out for me. I’d liked these laser-cut jewellery items on the Little Mix girls (above, plus check out the frilly tutu skirts!) during last year’s X-Factor but had no idea where I could get such a thing from! Luckily, House of the Fickle Queen also create text-based items, with a choice of font, colour and your own words/name, which is absolutely awesome!

After a jolly good browse around the site, I quite fancied getting a piece of jewellery for myself and I fell head-over-heels for this Disney princess style horse and carriage necklace. I was so excited when the package dropped onto my door-mat and I was totally thrilled with the quality and beauty of my gorgeous necklace. And here it is (are you well jealous yet?!):Let me know what you think of my new piece of jewellery! What’s your favourite piece of jewellery? What text would you have laser-cut and why?! Leave me a comment below :)



My Favourite Craftspeople – Nicola B from The Catkin Boutique

Last week I was craving a little fashion inspiration for the Diamond Jubilee (with the aim of deciding what to wear for the celebrations I’m attending over the weekend of the 2nd-5th June) when I stumbled into a gorgeous Etsy shop The Catkin Boutique, where I was surrounded by a plethora of lovely handmade jewellery (including the cutest brooches), comfy cushions and unique accessories.


I immediately spotted this über-chic vintage-style bunting necklace and couldn’t believe the array of different colours, patterns and sizes available (not to mention the price – what a bargain!). I think this would be the ideal accessory to complement my patriotic red, white and blue Jubilee outfit – what says Jubilee celebration more than classic bunting?!

The queen of this store is Nicola B, who carefully handcrafts all her products and can personalise items for special orders. I especially like these floral-print letter necklaces and have added it to my birthday wish-list (take note hubby!).


So having chosen my favourite style bunting – this gorgeous one below called ‘Picnic in Paris’ – I got in touch with the very friendly and ultra-helpful shop owner Nicola and she rushed an order to me in super-fast time to make sure it arrived in plenty of time before the jubilee. It was so beautifully packaged and even her business card is a work of art!

 And you won’t believe the compliments I’ve already received whilst wearing it; its such a cute girly look and everyone tells me they adore the necklace, so I think it’s the perfect head-turner, not just for this weekend but for the whole summer long! Check out her Etsy store The Catkin Boutique as soon as you get the chance :)

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Fairy fashions published in FAE Magazine!

Great news! The latest edition of Faeries And Enchantment magazine is out now and features fairy fashions from! I’ll be getting my copy of the magazine delivered soon and will share some of the lovely photoshoot images with you as soon as I can, but in the meantime you can get your copy from WH Smiths or online here:

small_ISSUE 15 COVER.jpg


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