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Tuesday Shoesday ~ Cinderella would’ve worn these…

It’s been a busy week here at Cassiefairy HQ (as it always is before Halloween and Christmas, thankfully!) so I’ve been a little slow at getting together a decent Tuesday Shoesday blog post for you. So I hope you’ll enjoy these photographs of beautiful shoes and forgive me for a lack of trend information or shopping tips – they are simply photos to get all misty-eyed over, and if you need more information I’ve included the links for each image so that you can click-through and check it out yourself.

Louboutin Paris diamante cinderella wedding shoes

Cinderella shoes


Tuesday Shoesday betty muller polka dot blue shoes with gold buckles

Polka dot shoes from Style Me Pretty 

tuesday shoesday pink glitter christian louboutin heels shoes

Pink princess shoes from Love My Dress

For more footwear trends and inspiration please check out my Tuesday Shoesday blog posts below :)

Tuesday Shoesday articles


Tuesday Shoesday – Louboutin Exhibition at the Design Museum

This week saw the launch of the Louboutin exhibition at the Design Museum in London. This is Christian Louboutin‘s first ever retrospective in the UK and the press, including Vogue, Marie Claire, Elle, Harpers Bazaar, The Guardian, Grazia & Telegraph, have been salivating over the exhibition – here’s a preview in pictures from The Telegraph Fashion pages.

Not only does the exhibition feature exhibits of his design classics and celebrities stepping out in his ultra-high heels, but according to the Design Museum it is also educational; “At the core of the exhibition is a unique exploration of Louboutin’s design process, taking the visitor through every stage of the design journey, revealing how a shoe is constructed, from the initial drawing and first prototype through to production in the factory”.

The highlight of the exhibition is this amazing hologram of Dita Von Teese performing a 3 minute burlesque show in her Louboutin heels. I especially love all the sparkly glitter that follows her movements in this hologram and how she emerges from a Louboutin shoe. This sort YouTube clip was filmed at the launch of the exhibition to please excuse the background noise! 

The exhibition runs from 1st May until the 9th July – more info from The Design Museum website


Tuesday Shoesday – TOWIE Girls Love Being Nude

The new series of The Only Way Is Essex began on Sunday and what better way to celebrate the return of TOWIE to my life than to investigate the Essex girl’s shoes on Tuesday Shoesday.

Take a look at these photos of the gorgeous TOWIE cast and try to spot what these glamourous girls have in common:

Nope, it’s not just their penchant for wearing white but also their love of all things nude – yes I’m talking about their shoes.

So much for the Essex stereotype of white stilettos – the new generation of Essex babe is wearing nude platforms: different shapes and embellishments aside, the girls can’t get enough of their go-with-anything nude heels and I can’t say I blame them. Not only can one pair of nude shoes be worn with all colours, all lengths of dresses and trousers, but they elongate your legs by not creating a ‘break’ of the sightline at the foot, which is what darker and brighter shoes do. Nude may very well be the new black.

But on the other hand nude can be a bit dull; you can dress it up any way that you want ‘nude’, ‘ivory’, ‘caramel’, ‘mocha’, ‘bare’, ‘camel’, ‘tan’, ‘cream’  – it’s all just shades of beige isn’t it? And surely beige is our grandparents colour of choice? Yet somehow on the legs of Essex’s most glamourous (and most other entertainment stars too) it looks on-trend and sexy.

So here’s a few options that I’ve rounded up for us high street girls from Miss Selfridge, Dorothy Perkins and Barretts (plus one pair of Louboutins to dribble over!) :

What do you think about all this nudity? Leave me a comment below:

PS: Tuesday Shoesday Update: I am giddy with excitement because I have found a pair of my coveted Dr Martens Case boots in the UK and have ordered them – only 3 days til they arrive hurrraaaahh!

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Tuesday Shoesday – Pitter Patter of Posh Paws

As Victoria Beckham has recently given birth to her long-awaited daughter Harper Seven (we won’t even mention the name) I thought it would be fun to investigate the world of glamorous childrens’ shoes! Especially as news reports have indicated that Posh’s little baby will be sporting tiny knitted Louboutins complete with red sole, it seems an appropriate topic for Tuesday Shoesday this week.

Here’s another option for the Beckhams’ baby to crawl around in a few months down the line – some blinging pink Dior baby shoes, complete with organza bow to make sure they stay safely attached to tiny feet; some Gucci classics and for toddling around this winter these baby Uggs!


Also, if Posh wants to encourage a “like mother, like daughter” headline, she could be seen stepping out in these matching hers and hers Louboutins


Am I the only one who makes an audible awwwww when confronted with a tiny pair of Timberlands?? I have even been known to buy ‘ickle booties for my teddybear Percy in lieu of having a baby to wear them – although I’m fairly certain that if I ever bought these designer shoes for a baby, I’d never be able to afford to feed that child again!

Now here’s somethingthat I hope VB will never do to her child – high heels at such a young age, like her pal Katie Holmes’ child Suri Cruise. Does she really need to be any taller than she is? And surely it can’t be doing any good to her growing feet? I suppose at least Suri has someone to carry her home at the end of the day – my nights are mostly spent hobbling home at fractionally over zero mph, asking my husband to give me a piggy back, or abandoning my heels altogether and walking home (disgustingly enough) barefoot!


Anyway, good luck to Posh, Becks and baby Harper, and fingers crossed that the Louboutin soles are only on flats and not baby Lolita heels!

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Tuesday Shoesday – Posh heels

As Victoria Beckham once again comes under fire for wearing high heels during her pregnancy (pretty much the same story that ran during each of her previous pregnancies…) I’ve turned my attention to her gorgeous designer shoe collection and specifically the shoes that she wore to the Royal Wedding.


Victoria finally lived up to her “Posh” nickname by being offically invited to a Royal Wedding and by wearing an amazing (not to mention expensive) designer outfit consisting of a Philip Treacy hat, her own VB design dress and a pair of customised Christian Louboutin heels.

Although looking slightly more funeral than summer wedding in style, her navy outfit was bang on trend (following in the footsteps of Kate Middletons navy engagement dress). However, I cannot understand how Victoria could walk in those shoes, pregnancy or no pregnancy. Personally, I struggle with 4 inch heels! And those Louboutins look particularly painful on the arches!


Even so, I love the style of the patent leather and the platform soles – the simplicity of these shoes means that they could be worn with any outfit, day or night. As you can see above, Victoria Beckham has worn similar style heels on numerous occasions! So here’s my top picks of the copy-cat shoes on the high street from Dorothy Perkins, Next and New Look :


Now we can all be a little bit more posh!


Tuesday Shoesday – Burlesque sparkle

Over the weekend I watched Burlesque for the first time on DVD and I absolutely loved it – and what caught my eye the most? of course, the shoes! The gorgeous Christina Aguilera is woo’d by a fella who sent her a pair Louboutins after she admired them on a party-goer the night before. Pretty smooth, I say!

These Louboutin heels (left) were custom-made for the film and are similar to these Tsar 140 shoes still available from Louboutin (below right).


Just to make us even more jealous of the unfathomably beautiful, unfairly sexy and unmistakably talented star, here’s a sneaky peek into Christina’s personal shoe wardrobe! No fair…

And last, but not least, here’s my pick of looky-likey Burlesque shoes which are in my more humble price range than the famous Louboutins from, Wallis and Dolcis:

    Teatro Corsage Peep Toe Platform Shoes     


Tuesday Shoesday – Big Bird!


On this Tuesday Shoesday I am getting excited about Paloma Faith’s canary yellow platform shoes! A very Easter/Springtime-y look and brightens up a less-than-sunny day in April. As you can see in these pictures, these shoes are versatile enough to add a crazy splash of colour to any outfit – personally (although I think it looks great on her) the yellow tights are a step too far and I would stick with the little black dress instead!

Here are some lookie-likey Big-Bird yellow shoes from ASOS, Topshop and (some shoes to aspire to) Louboutin and Alexander McQueen.

ASOS PUMPKIN Suede Pointed Court Shoes  WHISPER Yellow Peeptoe Espadrilles


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