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Trendspotting at Fashion Week ~ Floral Grunge

New York fashion week has recently wrapped up and London Fashion Week is well underway. So I thought it was time to check out what the fashionable guests of NY Fashion Week were wearing and spot the most popular trend for this Autumn/Winter 2013.

The September fashion weeks around the globe give us an insight into what we’ll be wearing next Spring/Summer in 2014. But the most interesting part for me is seeing what the designers, models, celebrities and fashionistas are wearing to attend Fashion Week. The attire of these fashionable guests confirms the current trends for this Autumn. And by the look of these street style snaps of visitors to New York Fashion Week, the big look for this season is “Floral Grunge”.

street style fashion at new york fashion week floral grunge fall autumn winter 2013

New York Fashion Week 2013 c/o The Citizens of Fashion

Designer Henry Holland introduced this trend during the last NY Fashion Week back in February (below left) and style super-store Lashes of London have been featuring it throughout their Autumn/Winter collections (below). This look is based on dark floral pieces that have been styled down by combining pretty dresses with tie-dye. Floral shirts can also be combined with textured fabric (such as torn denim, crochet and chunky knits) to get this look. New floral prints are darker in colour than our summer favourites and the flower designs have a smudgey smeared appearance or digital, pixelated quality. Tropical designs are mixed with thick Winter jumpers, dark leggings and boots.

floral grunge fashion trend autumn winter 2013

Get this look for less…

And best of all this look doesn’t have to cost a fortune and you don’t have to rush out to buy a whole new wardrobe. I’ve been rummaging around in my drawers to find items that I can use to recreate the floral grunge look for myself. And the good news is that any of my Spring/Summer floral dresses can be layered up with tatty cardigans, ripped denim and tie-dye grunge assessories. Have a look at what you already own and choose dark, grungy pieces to go with your florals to create a look that is fashionable, not just for SS14 but for right now!

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I love the Olympics & Team GB are amazing!

I confess that I’ve got nothing done this week. I’ve seriously just been glued to my TV watching every event I possibly can and have been loving every second! And then re-watching it again on the Olympic roundup every night until the early hours. I’m so pleased that I have a ‘flexible’ job! So this weekend saw the most successful day for Team GB for 104 years with six gold medal wins on day eight of the London 2012 Olympic Games. Simply amazing! Here’s some of the amazing medal winners (couldn’t fit them all on now that we have 16 gold, 10 silver and 10 bronze medals!):

As you know, I’m really rooting for all the female athletes and celebrating girl power on Twitter each time the GB ladies bring home a medal! And I’m so pleased for Andy Murray finally getting his win at Wimbledon against Roger Federer. What an amazing time to take the win! Well done Jess Ennis, Victoria Pendleton and Ben Ainslie who did fantastically well this weekend – it must be tough when everyone ‘expects’ you to win; imagine the added pressure on top of the athletes’ own desperation to do their best at the home Olympic games! I think that the whole of the Olympics has been amazing so far, and the athletes are inspirational – keep up the good work Team GB!

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The Olympics are coming – another chance to get the bunting out!

As you know, I really enjoyed the Diamond Jubilee weekend earlier this month and got into the full swing of the celebrations! And now, the Olympics are upon us and although the opening ceremony is not til the 27th July, the excitement is already revving up in out local area because the Olympic torch is arriving here tomorrow!

Of course this means that all the bunting is being put back out and the union jack is flying high once again, so I’ve had another look around the internet for more Olympic-inspired designs to get my home ready for London 2012! After a quick browse online, I decided that this was the essential item that I needed: an Olympic floor cushion!

30 inch x 30 inch Olympic Britain  

Now, I’ve just moved into a small bungalow and space is a bit tight at the moment and don’t have much in the way of seating – I only have a sofa, so if more than 1 visitor comes round to watch the Olympics it’ll be standing-room-only. So maybe a couple of floor cushions would do the job to provide a couple of extra seats?! This cushion is 30 x 30 inches so is a pretty good size and I reckon that the thick fabric would be fine to use outside as well. The UK online shop that makes this British-flag design is and they also have lots of gorgeous bright bolster cushions in crazy patterns (seriously, there’s more than 200 fabrics to choose from – mindblowing!).

I think my house could definitely do with brightening up and I’m hoping that hubby will agree and let me have access to his wallet for a quick online shopping expedition haha! What do you think of my cushion choice above?? Are you excited about the Olympics too? leave me a comment below!

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BAFTAs go back to black – red carpet fashion from the 2012 award ceremony

Black is back. Or at least, that’s what you would gather from the steam of stars strutting their stuff down the red carpet at the BAFTAs this week. Many leading ladies from around the globe were spotted wearing that timeless classic, the ‘little black dress‘. “From black metallic gowns to gothic glamour and elegant patterns, the red carpet featured interesting designs in different shades of that timeless colour.”


Top award winner Meryl Streep (Best Actress for Iron Lady) and gorgeous Christina Hendricks stole the show, both wearing corset gowns designed by Vivienne Westwood.

And here’s a line up of a few of the many stars who chose to go back to black for the awards ceremony (Melissa George, Michelle Williams, the Downton Abbey girls):


Check out the ‘tutu specialist’ website to create your own glamourous fashion looks using gorgeous pettiskirts and bustles in the stars’ favourite shade:




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Jess dress worn by Diana Vickers

 X-Factor star Diana Vickers has been papped in one of the dresses designed by Jessica Thompson for her Graduate Fashion Week collection. The first-class fashion graduate from the University of Central Lancashire premiered her cartoon & toy inspired collection at Graduate Fashion Week 2010 and was quickly picked up by London fashionistas as the highlight of the catwalk show.

The talented student was soon after contacted by the fashion stylist for Diana Vickers and she quickly delivered the abstract print dress to be worn by the singer at the Camden Club in London.

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Fairytale Royal Weddings

As the Royal wedding fast approaches, I’ve thought about all the other “normal” girls who have met their price charming and have married into royalty. I wanted to look at all the regal wedding dresses and perhaps get inspiration for a range of wedding tutus for

The first is the classically beautiful Belle. Like Kate Middleton she is well educated, has perfect dark hair and has a kind, mild manner. Belle’s favourite novel was the story of a girl meeting her prince and falling in love, but she never imagined it would happen to her. She was woo’d  by the beefy Gaston, but shook off his advances to move in with the Beast in order to save her father from a lifetime of imprisonment. Although the two didn’t see eye to eye at the beginning, the household staff encouraged Belle to spend more time with the prince, and she taught the Beast good manners and how to care. Soon the royal Beast realised that he could not live without Belle and set about trying to win her hand in marriage, but it was only when he was mortally wounded that Belle realised her true feelings for him and her love transformed him back into a handsome Prince. The fairytale was complete when this girl-next-door married her prince (in matching white and gold outfits) and was swept around the dancefloor to the classic love song Tale as Old as Time.

The second is a girl who she already had a royal title (her father was King Tritan) but wanted freedom, and to marry the man that she fell in love with at first sight. Once Ariel was outside of her seabed kingdom she became a “normal” human and could barely walk on her new legs. Although she could not speak, she managed to charm the handsome Prince Eric and won the approval of her father to marry her price. The ceremony took place aboard the Prince’s boat and Ariel wore a classic a-line dress with puff sleeves and sweetheart neckline while Eric, like Prince William is expected to, wore his military regalia. The sun shone as the sea priness finally became Part of your World for good.

This final royal romance turns the traditional fairytale story on its head with the Princess Jasmine choosing to marry a ‘street-rat’ Aladdin instead of the many royal suitors that her Sultan father has introduced her to. They first met when Jasmine was pretending to be a ‘normal’ girl and again later when Aladdin was pretending to be royalty. Despite all this confusion the pair fell in love and after Aladdin fought to save his princess and the kingdom, the Sultan declared that the Princess was free to marry whoever she chooses. On their wedding day, Jasmine is reported to have worn two outfits – the first was a long slim dress, with a high neckline and gold collar and cuffs. She wore flowers in her hair and walked down the aisle carrying calla lillies. The second outfit was the Princesses traditional costume of hareem pants and cropped top, but in a soft lilac with sheer veil over the top. Aladdin wore his royal Arabian while suit and wisked Jasmine off to their honeymoon on a magic flying carpet, to start a Whole New World with her.

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Fairies – on your marks… get set… fly!

This weekend my wonderful friend Claire Lacey is running the London marathon. As she knows, I think she is officially crazy for running 26 miles – I can’t run for 26 seconds! It is an amazing feat of endurance and she is doing in all in honour of the National Autistic Society.

Claire is running the London Marathon for the National Autistic Society

The London marathon this weekend has got me thinking about all of those wonderful fundraisers who walk, jog and run 1k, 5k or 10k to raise money for Cancer Research UK through Race For Life events. Getting involved in one of these races is just as much of an achievement as running in a marathon and the participants have a great time while they are huffing and puffing their way through the funrun raising money for a great cause.

Two of my fabulous fairy friends, Amber and Jenna, are planning to run the 5k Race for Life in Manchester and I will be providing lots of support and sparkly pink tutus for them to run in! If anyone else would like to order a tutu for their fun-run, I will happily donate 50% of the profits of these tutus to the charity! And I can’t wait to see all these amazing fundraisers bounding towards the finishing line and having a great time while they are at it!


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