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Tuesday Shoesday ~ I finally found the ideal summer wedges!

Do you remember that last month I was on the hunt for the ideal pair of summer shoes? Although I managed to pick up a pair of comfortable mint-green wedges from the carboot sale, I wasn’t any closer to getting my ‘ideal’ pair that I discussed in this blog post. My requirements are a pair of high heels that aren’t too high to be comfortable, a neutral colour that would go with anything and a style that can be worn all year round. So really, I wanted some non-strappy nude wedges with a small platform sole.

I wore my carboot sale shoes a lot during the last couple of weeks and my search for the perfect summer shoe was looking more and more unlikely to come to fruition. I’d tried shop after shop, but all the summer shoes had massively high chunky wedges and would be pretty-but-painful after a short walk. But then I remembered that my new favourite carboot shoes were originally from Next and why shouldn’t there be a similar pair in the Summer sale this year? So I headed to Next and can you believe it, there they were – the ideal summer shoes.

tuesday shoesday nude peep toe wedge heel summer shoes 2013 from next

They have a nice cork wedge heel but it’s balanced out with a chunky platform sole, which makes me taller but in reality I’m only walking on heels about 2 inches high thanks to the platform and the balls of my feet will be all the more comfortable for it.  The patent nude colour is exactly right for my skin tone, so it will elongate my legs when I’m going bare-legged in the summer and can even be worn with footless tights in the autumn. The style is summery enough with the peep-toe, but I am certain that I will be able to wear them with any outfit and at any time of year too. These shoes are still available in the summer sale for under 15 quid and come in black patent too, so maybe I’ll be going back for another pair…

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Tuesday Shoesday ~ Summer footwear

Last week I spent ages searching online for the perfect pair of summer shoes – something that would go with bare legs and pretty dresses – in a colour that would be neutral enough to look good with a whole range of prints and colours and could be used later on in the year too.

summer shoes new look matalan asos wedge heels laura robson jennifer aniston cheryl cole kelly brooke kate middleton summer footwear

I decided on second pair of bargain wedges above from New Look so I took myself off to the high street at the weekend to buy these pretty little shoes in time to enjoy them for the rest of the summer. However, I couldn’t find them in-store anywhere! The New Look in my local town is a pretty big store with a massive footwear department and I must have looked at over 100 styles of shoes but they simply weren’t there! Were they so popular that everyone else had snapped them up for summer too?! Were they an “online exclusive” and not available in-store? Were they limited edition? I hope not!

I decided to shop ‘in person’ rather than online so that I could try them on for comfort (I will be walking in them a lot this summer) and to make sure the height is okay before making my purchase, but my plans were scuppered! Oh well – I’ll have to order them online and hope that the wedge isn’t too high for me to walk in!

Tuesday Shoesday Turquoise and tan summer wedge shoes from Next

In the meantime, I found these pretty turquoise wedges from Next at the car boot sale – hardly worn and in my size – fantastic good luck! So I’ve been wearing these over the weekend and they are super-comfortable. Although the turquoise is a bit brighter than the nudes that I’d originally planned to buy, it goes well with a couple of floral print dresses I like to wear. Plus the tan ankle strap coordinates with a plaited belt I already have so I can wear the two together and make almost any dress work with the shoes!

tuesday shoesady beyonce superbowl halftime show destinys child shoes boots


Tuesday Shoesday – Super shoes at the Superbowl

tuesday shoesady beyonce superbowl halftime show destinys child shoes boots

I really enjoyed Superbowl XLVII this year, not only for the football (how long is an American football game?! seriously!) but because I was looking forward to the half-time show. And not only because Beyoncé was singing (and it was intriguing to see whether she would be singing live after admitting to miming at the Presidential Inauguration last week), but also to see her reunited with her Destiny’s Child bandmates. Luckily, I was watching the show the day after the event (I didn’t fancy losing beauty sleep this year!) so I could fast-forward through the boring bits and get to the performance at half time. I was so pleased to see Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams singing the old Destiny’s Child classics and even joining Beyoncé on her  rendition of “All The Single Ladies“. Excellent!

tuesday shoesady kelly rowland beyonce knowles michelle williams shoes high heels boots half time show superbowlk 2013

Of course, I was looking at what their feet were doing as much as watching their sexy dance moves and I noticed that all three were wearing ankle boots with sky-high heels and had combined them with knee-high (or even thigh-high maybe) black socks. I decided to hunt around the internet to find some bargain versions of DC’s heels for this Tuesday Shoesday. These lace-up boots are so cute and would be great for everyday-wear with tights and a skirt, or under even trousers or with skinny jeans. And for an evening look you could go glam like Bey and add a pair of sexy socks.

tuesday shoesday black lace up high heel shoes boots beyonce kelly rowland 2013


Tuesday Shoesday – Breathing a new lease of life into your pale summer shoes – DIY shoe dyeing

If you’ve recently got married, or have been a bridesmaid, or have simply bought some pale summer shoes, maybe you’d like to extend their wearable life by dyeing them?! Often pale shoes get pretty messed up after a day of walking around churchyards and dancing on a sticky dancefloor, so are pretty unwearable after a wedding! I fancied changing my shoes into a more colourful shade to wear all year round, and you may like to go for a dark colour for the winter months. Either way, here’s a fab tutorial adapted from Yahoo on how to go about dying your fabric shoes – so don’t blame me if it goes wrong, because you only get one-shot at dying a shoe a different colour and the only other option if you don’t like it is to dye them black, so choose your colour carefully!

You can also dye canvas shoes, and if you get the right type of dye you can even refresh leather, suede, nubuck and even imitation leather accessories. Check out for inspiration and to get an idea of the range of dyes you can get. And one of the effects that I particularly like is this dip-dyed style that can be achieved with two contrasting or coordinating colours – so pretty and a good idea if you just want to jazz up your summer shoes ready for next spring/summer – here’s the dip-dye tutorial from State of Unique.

  1. Before you start to dye your fabric shoes, be sure that your shoes are clean and dry.
  2. Completely read and follow the instructions on the container in order to achieve the best results. Some shoes dyes are directly applied to the footwear. However, other dyes, especially if you need a lighter color, need to be diluted before they are used.
  3. Place a layer of old newspapers across your work surface to protect it. Then, place crumpled up balls of white tissue paper inside your wedding shoes so they’ll retain their shape.
  4. You’ll want to wear a pair of plastic gloves on your hands so the dye doesn’t stain.
  5. Usually, a dyeing job on shoes is started at the back seam. The color is applied in light, even coats. The more coats, the darker the end color will be.
  6. Once your bridal shoes are finally the color you want them to be, allow them to dry thoroughly out of the sunlight and away from direct heat.

You’ll also need to get a good brand of water-repellent for your newly dyed shoes. Because, one negative factor about dyed shoes is, the color will run when it gets wet. A good-quality
water-repellent can’t completely stop the color from running, but it can help.

So if you have a pair of pale fabric shoes that you are certain that you won’t be wearing again, have a go at dying them rather than throwing them out and prolong their wearability for autumn/winter.


Tuesday Shoesday – Tippy-tappy-toes

If you haven’t already seen this trend, it’s literally everywhere this month – just flick through any of the gossip weeklies & fashion mags, or nip into any high street shop and you’ll spot it straight away. I’m talking about toe caps – and not just the blind-you-as-you-walk-by silver ones – toe caps in all colourways are the footwear flavour of the season.

Tons of celebrities including Blake Lively, Khloe Kardashian and Emma Roberts have been spotted wearing their contrasting toe-caps on the red carpet and the trend has hit the high street in a big way – all the stores are peddling their own versions of these glamorous-yet-tough-girl shoes. Here’s some of my favourites – but don’t take my word for it – go for a quick shop this week and you’ll find a pair to go with any outfit. Let me know how you get on!


Tuesday Shoesday – Metallic trend on the X Factor

This year’s X Factor kicked off this weekend and I’m excited because this, for me, signifies the run up to Christmas! Only 126 sleeps to go! Anyway, I’m also pleased to have the X Factor back on our screens because it’s a great showcase of the latest fashion trends each week. I’ve concentrated on the judge’s footwear that they have been wearing during the auditions and spotted a theme – metallic.

New judge Nicole Scherzinger is clearly head-over-heels for spangly metallic heels and the other judges have followed; Tulisa in her platinum platforms, guest judge Mel B in her strappy silver sandals and even US judge Britney Spears is sporting a pair of metallic bronze peeptoes.

I think this is a wearable trend, as metallic gold, silver and bronze footwear (like nude and black) will generally go with most outfits and add a little extra glamour to turn a daytime outfit into a night-out look. I’ve had a look around the high street and have found a few summer sale bargains remaining (including these from Topshop below) and also some full-price but equally bargainous heels from footwear favourite New Look.


What do you think of this trend? Have you invested in metallics yet? Leave me a comment below :) Grab yours now and you’ll wear them all season – they’ll be great for Christmas, and you know it!


Tuesday Shoesday – The SEVEN INCH stilettos

Can you believe the dizzying heights that shoes are now reaching?? These killer heels are a full seven inches at the heel! They are slightly more wearable than other stilettos due to their massive chunky platform, but as a girl who struggles walking in anything over 4 inches, I think I’ll stick with my ballet pumps and leave these crazy high heels (named Posh, for obvious reasons) to the celebs. What do you think? Would you be able to wear these heels??

These mega heels are a reasonably purse-friendly £40 and are available in patent and suede from Simmi Shoes


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