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Happy St Patrick’s Day – a couple of craft tutorials to celebrate

It’s St Patrick’s day and the whole of the UK is celebrating with a good old knees up. I’m definitely heading to the pub tonight and I certainly want to my nails to be looking suitably celebratory while clasped around a half of Guinness. So I’ve spent a bit of time creating a cute little design on my nails using permanent marker pen – please see my tutorial on marker pen nail art. I’ve tried a few different leaf designs – the normal clover, the shamrock, a lucky four-leaf clover and even a heart on my little finger.

st patricks day nail art shamrock tutorial polish ideas handmade DIY button ring craft project

So I’ll be showing off my special shamrock nail-art to anyone who cares to look this evening and will be sporting this home-made ring that I’ve crafted for the occasion. It’s another very simple tutorial: using ring-backs, buttons and a lot of superglue – check out my upcycling buttons tutorial blog post for instructions.

I hope you all have a lovely St Patrick’s Day, wherever you are in the world :)

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St Patrick’s Day is approaching – Will you be dressing up??

St Patrick’s Day falls on a Saturday (17th March 2012) this year, so you can expect packed bars and pubs around the country to be serving plenty of Guinness to customers dressed in leprechaun outfits and shamrock accessories!

Any excuse to dress up, eh?! So here’s Cassiefairy’s pick of St Paddy’s theme fancy dress from and (as featured on ‘The Fixer’ this week!)

Irish Leprechaun Costume  Irish Hat With Beard


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Jamie Oliver’s Guiness Lamb Shanks

After watching my husband dribbling all over the telly while watching Jamie Oliver create this recipe on Jamie’s Great Britain programme earlier in the series, I knew I’d be making this for our Sunday lunch one weekend!

Here’s how the recipe should look when finished:

Here’s the link to the recipe and what Jamie says about it:

People absolutely love lamb shanks. You cook them until they’re just falling apart and they develop the most amazing flavours. This recipe is all about investing in dark sticky sauce and tender meat. We’re spoiled for choice when it comes to interesting ales, and adding a good dark ale or even Guinness to the onions creates the most brilliant depth of flavour. The sauce here makes enough for ten lamb shanks, so if you want to make this recipe serve more people, just plop a few more shanks into the pan and top up with a little more stock if need be. Whatever you do, do NOT skip the mint oil or spring onions. It’s like switching on a light, and just that simple little touch makes the whole dish sing”

I’m off to buy the ingredients tonight, so I’ll let you know how it turns out when I cook it up!


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