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Looking spexy Holly Willoughby

I don’t know whether she actually needs glasses to see, but I’ve spotted my favourite TV girly – the gorgeous Holly Willoughby – wearing specs recently and it has got me thinking about my own glasses and how I can make myself look as cool as she does in eyewear.

Image courtesy of Now Magazine

Image courtesy of Now Magazine

I’ve needed ‘optical enhancement’ in order to see properly since I was a teenager and I’ve made some pretty disastrous choices in the glasses department over the years. After my very first sight test (and being told I needed glasses as an already kinda nerdy teenager) I remember badgering my mum to buy me some funky (or so I thought at the time) Nike glasses with green frames and springs on the arms. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, they were out of our price range and I went home with a pair of specs that would rival NHS glasses in the style stakes. Needless to say, I never wore them, and struggled on squinting at the blackboard (yes, we still had blackboards in those days!).

Cassiefairy's glasses

I’ve never seen anything like those green glasses since, but I’ve forever been trying to make good eyewear choices and wear something that makes me look as cool and as secretary-like as Holly does in hers, but this has resulted in the selection of not-so-trendy choices of purple-and-blue frames, pink sparkly and half-rims in the photo above. I once ordered some red frames for my hubby but accidentally bought them in MY prescription by mistake – so he never wore them, and even though I tried to pull them off, red-rimmed eyes are not really the look I want to go for, so I never wore them either. The most recent pair I’ve bought are the black thick frames. I spent an hour trying on tons of frames in the shop and I think that my hubby was getting pretty impatient by the end when be told me to buy these black ones “which look great”. They are comfortable to wear (I’m wearing them right now) but they are not cool or spexy, and they are just a bit too pointy for my face – I look like I’m trying to be an extra in Grease

I’ve basically stuck to contact lenses all these years and envied girls like Holly who can make glasses look geek chic. So now I’m hunting around for a pair of ‘vintage’ style specs as my next too-cool-for-school eyewear accessory and I’ve come up with this wish list from Optical Express including Guess by Marciano colourful print frames, square Jimmy Choo glasses and ultimate-secretary style Dior specs and his-n-hers eyewear from Gucci. Now that’s what you call a shopping list!

Images courtesy of Optical Express

Images courtesy of Optical Express

Fair enough, if I actually ordered a pair and they were on my face, I’d probably chicken out and go back to the contacts, so it’s probably best if I stick with some cheap ‘n’ cheerful glasses to start with! But you can’t blame me for trying to look like Holly Willoughby, who wouldn’t want to?!

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Tuesday Shoesday – Pitter Patter of Posh Paws

As Victoria Beckham has recently given birth to her long-awaited daughter Harper Seven (we won’t even mention the name) I thought it would be fun to investigate the world of glamorous childrens’ shoes! Especially as news reports have indicated that Posh’s little baby will be sporting tiny knitted Louboutins complete with red sole, it seems an appropriate topic for Tuesday Shoesday this week.

Here’s another option for the Beckhams’ baby to crawl around in a few months down the line – some blinging pink Dior baby shoes, complete with organza bow to make sure they stay safely attached to tiny feet; some Gucci classics and for toddling around this winter these baby Uggs!


Also, if Posh wants to encourage a “like mother, like daughter” headline, she could be seen stepping out in these matching hers and hers Louboutins


Am I the only one who makes an audible awwwww when confronted with a tiny pair of Timberlands?? I have even been known to buy ‘ickle booties for my teddybear Percy in lieu of having a baby to wear them – although I’m fairly certain that if I ever bought these designer shoes for a baby, I’d never be able to afford to feed that child again!

Now here’s somethingthat I hope VB will never do to her child – high heels at such a young age, like her pal Katie Holmes’ child Suri Cruise. Does she really need to be any taller than she is? And surely it can’t be doing any good to her growing feet? I suppose at least Suri has someone to carry her home at the end of the day – my nights are mostly spent hobbling home at fractionally over zero mph, asking my husband to give me a piggy back, or abandoning my heels altogether and walking home (disgustingly enough) barefoot!


Anyway, good luck to Posh, Becks and baby Harper, and fingers crossed that the Louboutin soles are only on flats and not baby Lolita heels!


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