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Recipe – Butterfly buns with a fruity surprise!

I made these cute butterfly buns last weekend as a birthday treat for my friend’s birthday and I personally can’t get enough of them, which is pretty dangerous – I can barely keep my hands off while I’m baking and decorating them! But I held back from scoffing the lot long enough to share them with my friends and to take a few photos to share with you.

I prepared 12 vanilla cupcakes with a standard sponge recipe and baked them in frilly paper cases. After they cooled I cut off the tops as normal for butterfly buns, but I also scoop down as I remove the tops in order to create a little dip in the cake for a nice blob of strawberry jam to hide in! I used vanilla butter icing to cover the jam and pushed the butterfly sponge into the icing and sprinkled a little edible glitter on top. You can use any kind of fruit preserve in the centre, and its a delicious surprise when someone bites into it! I think lemon curd and a lemon butter icing might be lovely – I’ll let you know when I try that one out, so watch this space!

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Open Farm Sunday – Easton Farm Park & their magnificent Suffolk Punch horses

Last weekend was Open Farm Sunday – a fantastic opportunity to visit your local farms and have a good nose around for free and it was on Father’s Day so we gave dad a good day out without spending a penny!

I looked on the Open Farm Sunday website and decided to visit our nearest farm, Easton Farm Park, which usually charges an entry fee. On Open Farm Sunday it was completely free, with only a few of their children’s activities being charged for (such as tractor-train rides, pond-dipping and lamb feeding for £1 each) and we saved even more cash by taking along a picnic – including some butterfly buns that I’d specially baked for Father’s Day – although a BBQ and hog roast was available on site at very reasonable prices.

We saw historical buildings, ancient agricultural machinery and lots of educational resources throughout the farm, and I was delighted to have the chance to pet lots of animals, including pygmy goats and their tiny kids, miniature ponies, sheep and lambs, rabbits and chicks. I also loved seeing the traditional (and massive) Suffolk Punch horses as they paraded around the main farm lawn, and spotting their adorably long-legged foals in the surrounding fields.

All in all, a lovely day out for all the family – as an enthusiastic smallholder dad was delighted to have a good look around a large farm – and I’d be happy to pay to visit next time, and I’d love to sample their famous hog roast!


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