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Tutus & fairies galore – in the “Grandma’s Tin” Mr Kipling’s TV advert

I saw this advert over the weekend and it was full of little girls and boys in cute fancy dress costumes, including lots of tutus and fairy wings! Of course I was delighted with it and simply had to share this adorable advert with you. Here’s the full advert video on YouTube:

01 ER Black 18 inch tutu pettiskirt £24.99 - Copy (2)

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Famous Tutus – Helena Bonham-Carter

I recently watched The King’s Speech for the first time and thought it was an excellent film, so beautifully filmed and the locations were simply stunning. Of course, the costumes were what interested me most and I really enjoyed watching Helena Bonham-Carter in her role as King George VI’s wife, Queen Elizabeth.

The actress is famous for her zany fashion-sense and she’s often seen sporting a tutu or two – here she is at this week’s BAFTA awards ceremony wearing a black lace tutu-esque number and again sporting a pink tutu pettiskirt on the red carpet.


Create your own individual sense of style like Helena at and layer up tutus with dresses to give yourself a quirky red-carpet look.

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Famous Tutus – Li-lo all dressed up & nowhere to go

Earlier this week I was helping my family lay a massive concrete slab for a new shed they are building. So there I was in a boiler-suit and wellies 3 sizes too big for me and when I glanced in the mirror I realised that I was channelling Lindsay Lohan‘s prison look circa 2009.

This made me wonder what she’s up to now and a quick google search showed me the recent news that Li-lo is heading back to jail after breaking the conditions of her parole. Since her arrest in 2007 for drink driving, Lindsay has been in jail five times, and when she missed a session of community service the judge ordered her back to prison for a further 30 days, starting on the 9th of November. However, it turns out that jammy Lohan only served 4.5 hours of this sentence due to ‘overcrowding’ in the prisons.

Again, a lucky escape for the Mean Girls star, but is it really? The idea of scrubbing the floors of a morgue for community service sounds worse than a stint behind bars if you ask  me. Anyway, here’s a quick pic of Li-lo in her finest fairy outfit. Appreciate the tutu Lindsay, before you’re back in that boiler-suit again.



Famous Tutus – Shakira’s hips don’t lie

Belly-dancing superstar Sharkira has chosen a long tutu-style skirt for one of her sexy performances and this image reminded me of one of my long bustle-back tutus that I made for a carnival-goer earlier this year:


Plus I was commissioned by a wonderful belly-dance teacher in Preston to make a black and silver belly-dancing skirt for her darker-style performances this summer. Here’s the pics of her skirt and I’m SO looking forward to seeing her dancing in it! Follow her on Twitter @isisdancer and check out her website for more information on her classes.


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