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Beccy-Boo at Dubs at the Hall

It’s the weekend following Dubs at the Hall and I think I’ve finally recovered enough to blog about the event!

As you know, it was a VW enthusiast festival weekend and I’ve already shared some of the pics of the vehicles with you on Tuesday Shoesday. This time I’m posting a few pics of  the Cassiefairy stand – which has changed since my last event at the Fairyland Trust Fairy Fair – and I am now sharing my pitch with my “sister company”! ;o)

It was Beccy-boo’s first stall as a businesswoman and first festival as a teenager, so we all had a pretty fun and giddy weekend! Beccy and I had a helping hand setting up our stall from my huband Andy, brother Andy and sister-in-law Cassie before we all tucked in to a mid-morning snack from the doughnut stall that we were pitched next to! is a craft business set up by my little sister, and she handmakes all the jewellery she sells on online and on her stall. As a keen recycler and eco-friendly business, Beccy-Boo uses discarded toys, keepsakes and game pieces to create new items. Not only is she doing her bit to save the planet, but she is also breathing new life into these tired old toys and tapping into the retro trend that is growing bigger by the day. Very clever for a 14 year-old huh??!



Fairy Fair competition winner!

I was very surprised and pleased with the number of entries into the prize draw held at the Fairyland Trust Fairy Fair 2011 – I can’t believe that I met so many lovely fairies in only two days!!

I’m delighted to announce that little fairy Danielle Claxton was the winner of a Cassiefairy gift set! Danielle chose a pink sparkly tutu, with matching glittery pink wings and a magic wand… and here it is:

The fairy gift sets will be available to buy on over the next couple of days! Your choice of tutu will be gift wrapped along with wings and a fairy wand and can be sent directly to the birthday child!


Check it out – Cassiefairy’s fluffy tutu stall at the Fairy Fair!

I wanted to share these pics of my fairy stall with my lovely fairy followers. This was my stall for the Fairy Fair at Holt Hall in Norfolk, a fundraising event for the conservation charity the Fairyland Trust. I am so grateful to my wonderful husband Fairy Andy for putting the whole thing together for me – including cutting out 10 wooden mannequins to display my tutus on! (Trademark! lol)


I had loads of fun setting up my stall and fluffing up all my tutus, but the excitement really kicked in when I sold my first tutu of the festival to one of the first little girls to arrive – and she looked absolutely smashing and put a massive smile on my face, which stayed there all weekend!




Loads of love to Andy Fairy and Fairy Meg who helped me day and night without complaint and in return for only a couple of handmade sausage rolls and brownies bought from the other Fairyland stall holders including!

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Cassiefairy visited the Fairy Fair… and had a magical time!

I have just returned from the 10th Annual Fairy Fair hosted by the Fairyland Trust and I can honestly say that I have never enjoyed a festival more! The sun shone through the fresh breezy wind, and the flowers and trees seemed to bloom before my very eyes. I am sure that the fairy dust sprinkled over the gorgeous site at Holt Hall must have affected me – I can’t help but see the entire weekend as being washed with a hazy rosy glow and enchanting fun!

Just seeing so many children running around the grounds with their fairy wings fluttering and with the freedom to expore the wildlife safely brought a smile to my face, and that’s before noticing all the wonderful eco-activities, crazy entertainment, jazzy music and magical storytelling that was going on everywhere I looked!

 Luckily my Cassiefairy tutu stall was fairly central on the site, so I got to see the Maypole dancing and I particularly enjoyed the storytellers enchanting their young audience with stories beneath the old oak tree – I was laughing along with the children all day!

I met lots of fantastic fairies, scary pirates, naughty pixies and many, many parents! It was wonderful to meet new fairy friends and to spread a little Cassiefairy love! I was also running a prize draw to win a Cassiefairy Fairy Gift Box – including a custom-made Tutu, matching fairy wings, magic wand and bottle of fairy dust. The competition winner will be drawn soon, so watch out for an email from!

On the main lawn at Holt Hall, the Ugly Bug Band played tuba, banjo, drums and saxophone on STILTS and entertained the parents with renditions of the Beatles and Queen classics and got the kids up dancing to country versions of Lady Gaga, Take That and following the bugs’ dance moves to Blame it on the Boogie. 


The walk-about entertainment was first-class too – floating giant angels posed for photographs with youngsters, stilt-walking ballet fairies danced around “on-point” and crazy shopping-trolley riding grannies raced up the main drive before rapping along to Ice Ice Baby that blared out of their boomboxes! This was officially one of the most hilarious things I have seen in years and by the look of the audience, the rest of the parents were equally delighted with this unconventional entertainment:



This was just a selection of my favourite images from my time at the Fair – hopefully these will sum up just how magical the entire weekend was for me and I hope that everyone who visited the Fairyland Trust Fairy Fair enjoyed their day out as much as I did! For more photos of the Fair please visit my Cassiefairy facebook page

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Tuesday Shoesday – Fairy Footsteps

In honour of the Fairy Fair that I attended this past weekend I am focusing my Tuesday Shoesday post on shoes that are solely (geddit?!) fairy-like!

Firstly I want to show you all are some shoes made by one of my wonderful Twitter friends @Fairysteps. She hand-makes authentic leather fairy shoes and these are some of the most beautiful fairy boots and pumps I have ever seen.

Image of MUSTARDSEED bespoke  Image of CLARA bespoke 

Fairysteps says “I try to design styles which are both beautiful and functional. With this premise in mind, the shoes are all made to accommodate the natural shape of your own foot allowing your feet to function as mother nature intended. I don’t believe your feet should suffer for you to have beautiful shoes“.

I thoroughly reccommend her ethically and ecologically made shoes and urge you to check out her website and tweets for yourself at

Additionally, here are some celeb fairy-folk wearing sparkly footwear and some high street versions from ASOS, and Quiz:


     Silver Diamante Low Heel Sandals

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Family lifestyle photographer at the Fairy Fair…

I’ve just found out that one of my professional acquaintances ;o) is going to be exhibiting at the Fairy Fair this weekend too! The talented (not to mention lovely) photographer Katherine Ashdown is having a stall at the Fairyland Trust’s fundraiser to bring her family, lifestyle and wedding photography to all the fairy fans in Norfolk and Suffolk! Check out her website and fun photography blog here:

Image from Rock The Frock photoshoot by Katherine Ashdown

I’m very excited to see some more of her fantastic pictures, and her too if she can make it to the fair one day! x

The Fairyland Trust’s annual fundraising Fairy Fair is on over the bank holiday weekend – for more information and to buy tickets visit

download the Fairy Fair 2011 poster

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What a busy bee (or fairy) I am…

Check it out! Despite my reluctance to work non-stop for the past 10 days, I am pleased to say that I am finally getting close to being ready for the Fairy Fair = Tutus aplenty:

Not looking forward to the prospect of continuing to work non-stop for the next 10 days, but this ‘work’ is the fun part – going to the fair and seeing all the little fairies running around enjoying themselves!


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