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One of my absolute favourite things to make

Yes, I’ve been making tutus this week, as usual – but I was extra-excited when a custom order arrived for a fabulous rainbow ballet tutu because this really is one of my favourite tutus!

I love using the bright colours and also enjoy the challenge of getting 2 full rainbows (front and back) to match up while still fitting within the waistband measurement I’m using – lots of measuring and pins involved ;)  There’s actually a lot more work required in making one of these beauties compared to single colour tutus, but it always give a really satisfying result – and the rainbow tutus are the same price as all the other fairy tutus, so it’s a bargain really!

rainbow bright adult fairy tutu spikey carnival costume cassiefairy

This tutu is super-full and fluffy for a special event, and I hope that my fairy-customer really enjoys wearing it! I make these for children too – this one is an adult size – Here’s the pics of my little fairy-helper wearing one below:

Have a look at for dressing-up inspiration and to get your own custom-made tutu in any colours!

child fairy rainbow tutu cassiefairy carnival princess costume


The wedding season is upon us – and you know what that means – HEN NIGHTS!!

Next month I’m going to my first wedding of 2012 and this sparks the beginning of the wedding season – traditionally from Easter, all throughout the summer, into autumn and over Christmas. Ok, when isn’t it wedding season?! Still, it’s got me thinking about one of the important traditions of modern weddings; the hen party! And I wanted to share a few tips that I’ve learnt from wedding professionals (such as and about the planning & (of course) enjoying of a hen night!


Guest List The most important part of the hen night is who is going to be there. Talk to the hen to find out who she wants invited so that no one gets missed out (similarly, you won’t risk inviting a work colleague that the bride secretly can’t stand!). Ensure that the invitations are sent well in advance so that the guests have plenty of time to book babysitters or time off work. You want to make sure as many of the hen’s special people are there to celebrate the evening with her!

What does the bride want? One girl’s heaven might be another girl’s idea of a hen night from hell. It’s lovely to surprise your bride but you also want to be certain that the hen is going to have a great time and be comfortable with whatever you’ve organised. So chat to the hen about anything that she wouldn’t want to happen and remember that the point of the evening is to make the hen feel as special as possible!

Budget It’s important to consider how much people will have to spend in order to join in the hen night because you want as many of her friends as possible to be able to attend. Tell everyone upfront how much it will cost to book any activities, and also whether they will need to bring extra cash for any food and drinks. And don’t forget that a theme or costumes can be a cheap way of making a simple night out even more special.


Activities & Games The most enjoyable hen night is one where everyone is chatting and laughing so if you’re arranging an activity think about something which is interactive and will allow the girls to have a good old giggle together such as cocktail making or a burlesque lesson. When you’re not doing your activity, it’s a good idea to have a backup of quizzes, games or dares to do that will get people interacting and having a good time!

And don’t forget the Groom: Stags too can wear tutus from !


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Tuesday Shoeday – Amanda Holden’s Britain’s Got Talent look

The new panel of judges have come together for the first time this week to audition contestants in Manchester. David Walliams is the new boy and Simon Cowell is back in his head-judge role. Long-standing female judge Amanda Holden arrived wrapped up against the british weather whilst newbie Alesha Dixon wore a sexy yellow dress slashed to the thigh.

As ever, my eyes were on the judge’s footwear and I spotted a trend in Amanda’s shoe wardrobe – she loves shoe boots! This is not the first time she has stepped out in a pair of shoe-boots, here she is last year promoting BGT and in purple shoe-boots at the Brit awards:


I’ve had a look around and found these lookey-likey shoe-boots on the high street & online from Miss Selfridge (Purple Suede £50), (Blue with buttons £24) and Topshop (Blue £70). Plus these pairs of black shoe-boots all from New Look (£30, £25 and £35) :



Faeries and Enchantment Magazine – Part 2

Following on from part one of my blog post – here is the actual article written by Sharon Williams that appeared FAE magazine, along with images of the photoshoot of the fairy garden party which took place in the Ventnor Botanical Gardens:

Judging by the photos, it certainly looks like they all had a lovely time on their day out and eating all the lovely treats that Sharon had baked for them – I only wish I could have been there to join in with the fun!

The tutus featured were my fairy range of tutus – Even though I’ve increased my product range in recent months to include a lot of other different styles of tutu, I am still hand-making the original Cassiefairy fairy tutus too!

Check out the new website & tutus here:


Behind-the-scenes of our fairy photoshoot & tea party!

I am absolutely delighted! I’ve experienced one of the best days of my life on Sunday, when we held our fairy photoshoot with my brand new range of Cassiefairy tutus! Not only did loads more fairies arrive to help out than I had expected, but also the sun shone, there were giggles galore and our fairy tea party was delicious!


The girls had fun jumping high on the trampoline whilst trying to do their best fairy poses and pouted for the camera so that we could get some beautiful white background icon-shots. Cheeky faces appeared when the fairies joined hands to skip towards (or stampede over!) photographer Andy and little chuckles could be heard when he nearly fell off the van which he was using to get high shots from above!


The giggling young fairies certainly enjoyed running around the garden, climbing all over “Ruby” the VW campervan and could only be lured off the massive trampoline when the fairy cakes appeared for the fairy tea party! 


Massive thanks to Jenny, Cassie C and Jasmine, who brought with them the gorgeous little fairies Harriet, Ellie and Lucy! Thanks to Essex fairies Kirsty and Amber who travelled a long way to help out on the day! Thanks to my sister Michelle who hosted the fairy photoshoot & tea party at her house, and groundsman Mr T who prepared the garden & cleaned the trampoline! And thanks to the man who I couldn’t have done it without, chief photographer Andy G!


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Beccy-Boo at Dubs at the Hall

It’s the weekend following Dubs at the Hall and I think I’ve finally recovered enough to blog about the event!

As you know, it was a VW enthusiast festival weekend and I’ve already shared some of the pics of the vehicles with you on Tuesday Shoesday. This time I’m posting a few pics of  the Cassiefairy stand – which has changed since my last event at the Fairyland Trust Fairy Fair – and I am now sharing my pitch with my “sister company”! ;o)

It was Beccy-boo’s first stall as a businesswoman and first festival as a teenager, so we all had a pretty fun and giddy weekend! Beccy and I had a helping hand setting up our stall from my huband Andy, brother Andy and sister-in-law Cassie before we all tucked in to a mid-morning snack from the doughnut stall that we were pitched next to! is a craft business set up by my little sister, and she handmakes all the jewellery she sells on online and on her stall. As a keen recycler and eco-friendly business, Beccy-Boo uses discarded toys, keepsakes and game pieces to create new items. Not only is she doing her bit to save the planet, but she is also breathing new life into these tired old toys and tapping into the retro trend that is growing bigger by the day. Very clever for a 14 year-old huh??!



Fairy Fair competition winner!

I was very surprised and pleased with the number of entries into the prize draw held at the Fairyland Trust Fairy Fair 2011 – I can’t believe that I met so many lovely fairies in only two days!!

I’m delighted to announce that little fairy Danielle Claxton was the winner of a Cassiefairy gift set! Danielle chose a pink sparkly tutu, with matching glittery pink wings and a magic wand… and here it is:

The fairy gift sets will be available to buy on over the next couple of days! Your choice of tutu will be gift wrapped along with wings and a fairy wand and can be sent directly to the birthday child!


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