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If I were a fairy, I’d live here…

How cute is this lovely little shed from This is possibly the most fairy-like house I’ve seen all year! and I want one! Unfortunately for me this company is based in the US and I’m pretty sure that shipping one over to the UK would be a little more spendy than I could afford! So in the meantime I’ll just admire this building and tell you that the eco-friendly company uses reclaimed wood to make their higgledy-piggledy playhouses, sheds and even saunas! It’s certainly put a big smile on my face today anyway!


Behind-the-scenes of our fairy photoshoot & tea party!

I am absolutely delighted! I’ve experienced one of the best days of my life on Sunday, when we held our fairy photoshoot with my brand new range of Cassiefairy tutus! Not only did loads more fairies arrive to help out than I had expected, but also the sun shone, there were giggles galore and our fairy tea party was delicious!


The girls had fun jumping high on the trampoline whilst trying to do their best fairy poses and pouted for the camera so that we could get some beautiful white background icon-shots. Cheeky faces appeared when the fairies joined hands to skip towards (or stampede over!) photographer Andy and little chuckles could be heard when he nearly fell off the van which he was using to get high shots from above!


The giggling young fairies certainly enjoyed running around the garden, climbing all over “Ruby” the VW campervan and could only be lured off the massive trampoline when the fairy cakes appeared for the fairy tea party! 


Massive thanks to Jenny, Cassie C and Jasmine, who brought with them the gorgeous little fairies Harriet, Ellie and Lucy! Thanks to Essex fairies Kirsty and Amber who travelled a long way to help out on the day! Thanks to my sister Michelle who hosted the fairy photoshoot & tea party at her house, and groundsman Mr T who prepared the garden & cleaned the trampoline! And thanks to the man who I couldn’t have done it without, chief photographer Andy G!



Faeries & Enchantment Magazine – part 1

Earlier this year I was approached by features writer for Faeries & Enchantment Magazine, Sharon Williams, who was looking for contributors for a feature she was developing. She had found the Cassiefairy page on Facebook and got chatting to me, and I was absolutely delighted when she asked if I would be willing to supply some of my handmade fairy tutus for their Garden Fairies feature!

“Of course”, I said, and whipped out my sewing machine there and then to start making tutus especially for the photoshoot. Sharon had given me an idea of the colours she would like the fairies to be wearing, and we tried to co-ordinate the tutus with the fairy wings by Silly Little Pixie that were also being photographed.

Here’s a selection of the tutus that were used on the photoshoot:





The photoshoot took place in the Botanical Gardens on the Isle of Wight and the fairies had a tea party before skipping around the grounds!

I’ll share images of the finished article from the Summer edition of the magazine (which you can buy through FAE website) in part 2 of this blog post – coming soon!

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Fairy fashions published in FAE Magazine!

Great news! The latest edition of Faeries And Enchantment magazine is out now and features fairy fashions from! I’ll be getting my copy of the magazine delivered soon and will share some of the lovely photoshoot images with you as soon as I can, but in the meantime you can get your copy from WH Smiths or online here:

small_ISSUE 15 COVER.jpg

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Faeries & Enchantment Magazine

Fae Magazine Issue 14

The Spring 2011 issue of Fae Magazine

I have recently meet a lovely fairy who writes for Faeries and Enchantment FAE Magazine and hopefully I will be getting the chance to have some of my fairy tutus featured in a photoshoot for a summer edition of the magazine!

I am so excited about this! Things like this don’t usually happen to fairies like me, and I am so grateful to have this opportunity. I wish I could attend the photoshoot itself and watch the magic happen, but its just a bit too far away for me to get to.

I hope to be able to bring you pictures of the photoshoot/magazine when it is published so watch this space..!


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