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Tuesday Shoesday – Make your own Valentine’s treats for your feet

As Valentine’s Day drawers nearer, I couldn’t help looking for inspiration for loved-up footwear, and this week’s drool comes in the (heart) shape of Marc Jacobs and the insane heels below:

marc jacobs heart shoes valentines day tuesday shoesday 2013

I would probably never wear such crazy shoes myself (although obviously I wouldn’t turn down a pair if hubby has chosen an extravagant Valentines gift for me!) but they are the kind of shoes that should be shown off on a shelf or in a gallery display cabinet – shoes for admiring as art, rather than walking in!

Around this time least year I went all soft over Vivienne Westwood’s famous jelly shoes with heart motif on the toes. Compared with Westwood’s usual prices, these jelly shoes were reasonably priced and tons of celebs were spotted in them all year round.  I’ve noticed that many brides are choosing to trot down the aisle in these beauties, which would be a lovely treat on your wedding day, and they look pretty comfy too! I would still love to own a pair of these – or seeing as they are available in so many colours, I could start a collection ;) – but in the meantime, here’s an idea for recreating the Westwood look on a budget: Get yourself some hair clips with a heart design that covers the whole clip – there are plenty available on Etsy such as these sequined clips below – and clip them to your favourite shoes or pumps for an instant Valentine’s Day treat! tuesday shoesday vivienne westwood heart shoes sequin red clip valetines day heels


My favourite craftspeople – House of the Fickle Queen


I recently stumbled upon a fabulous jewellery company when The House of the Fickle Queen popped up on my Twitter feed and I followed their links to their website where I discovered the cutest retro-pop jewellery! The site is run by Farquarson and Firth who specialize in laser-cut necklaces, brooches and earrings, which they sell alongside quirky charm bracelets and vintage-style cameo rings. All very kitsch, and all very cute!


While the quirky vintage shapes and cameos really caught my eye, it was the personalised jewellery option that stood out for me. I’d liked these laser-cut jewellery items on the Little Mix girls (above, plus check out the frilly tutu skirts!) during last year’s X-Factor but had no idea where I could get such a thing from! Luckily, House of the Fickle Queen also create text-based items, with a choice of font, colour and your own words/name, which is absolutely awesome!

After a jolly good browse around the site, I quite fancied getting a piece of jewellery for myself and I fell head-over-heels for this Disney princess style horse and carriage necklace. I was so excited when the package dropped onto my door-mat and I was totally thrilled with the quality and beauty of my gorgeous necklace. And here it is (are you well jealous yet?!):Let me know what you think of my new piece of jewellery! What’s your favourite piece of jewellery? What text would you have laser-cut and why?! Leave me a comment below :)



My Favourite Craftspeople – Nicola B from The Catkin Boutique

Last week I was craving a little fashion inspiration for the Diamond Jubilee (with the aim of deciding what to wear for the celebrations I’m attending over the weekend of the 2nd-5th June) when I stumbled into a gorgeous Etsy shop The Catkin Boutique, where I was surrounded by a plethora of lovely handmade jewellery (including the cutest brooches), comfy cushions and unique accessories.


I immediately spotted this über-chic vintage-style bunting necklace and couldn’t believe the array of different colours, patterns and sizes available (not to mention the price – what a bargain!). I think this would be the ideal accessory to complement my patriotic red, white and blue Jubilee outfit – what says Jubilee celebration more than classic bunting?!

The queen of this store is Nicola B, who carefully handcrafts all her products and can personalise items for special orders. I especially like these floral-print letter necklaces and have added it to my birthday wish-list (take note hubby!).


So having chosen my favourite style bunting – this gorgeous one below called ‘Picnic in Paris’ – I got in touch with the very friendly and ultra-helpful shop owner Nicola and she rushed an order to me in super-fast time to make sure it arrived in plenty of time before the jubilee. It was so beautifully packaged and even her business card is a work of art!

 And you won’t believe the compliments I’ve already received whilst wearing it; its such a cute girly look and everyone tells me they adore the necklace, so I think it’s the perfect head-turner, not just for this weekend but for the whole summer long! Check out her Etsy store The Catkin Boutique as soon as you get the chance :)

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My Favourite Craftspeople – Wish Upon a Charm

I’ve recently met a lovely crafter through Etsy and I simply must share her hand-crafted charms with you – they are SO gorgeous!

You Complete Me...wish string bracelet

Sarah from Wish Upon A Charm really puts a lot of effort into making and beautifully packaging her handmade items; From the cute little bow and tiny brown-paper envelope each item is gift-wrapped in to the carefully created stirling silver charm bracelets, her attention to detail is second-to-none.

And these gorgeous delicate charm bracelets are just the start of her crafting talents; she also makes greetings cards, personalised lucky sixpence gifts and wish necklaces – and now has added stunning art photography prints to her collection.

Your lucky sixpence - can be personalized

As a fellow crafter, she’s been absolutely wonderful to me and has even got one of my tutus for her little girl! So I hope you’ll all check out her lovely gift shop on Etsy soon – you won’t be disappointed!


My Favourite Craftspeople: @LaylaAmber Jewellery

If you’re anything like me, you’ll love the idea of buying gifts that are unique and handcrafted in the UK. I think it’s important to support small business, many of whom use to sell their handmade and vintage items online.

Here’s one of my favourite shops: handmade jewellery by Layla Amber

British Bunting Necklace

Like me, Layla is based in Suffolk and handcrafts all of her exquisite items herself. I’ve ordered gifts from her in the past and she not only allowed me to choose custom-made earring set, but even included a personalised message from me and posted it straight to the recipient – what a great service!

As a graphic design graduate Layla has put her skills in illustration to good use and set up her own business with a simple objective; “to create fun and wearable pieces of jewellery from her finely detailed illustrations. Layla works mainly in plastic, a material that allows her illustrations to retain their intricacy and vibrancy in a miniature format.”

Rose Tea Cup Earrings

I’ll definitely be purchasing more of her gorgeous jewellery in the future, and maybe even treat myself to a piece one day (like this ship-in-a-bottle necklace)!

Ship in a Bottle Necklace


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