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Pieday Friday ~ Autumnal peach crush

I know were hovering at the start of Autumn but I wanted to share this unseasonably summery recipe for a peach cooler drink. The weather reports are promising that it’ll be warmer over this coming weekend and I’m planning a couple of days away so I’m in the holiday mood! Hence this tasty, if rather summery, drink!

I actually think that the colours are kinda autumnal and the cranberry almost makes it festive drink… ahem. But who am I kidding? It’s got crushed ice in it, so I’m pretty sure it’s for warm weather only! So I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this weekend is as warm as the forecast promises!

pieday friday peach and cranberry crush cooler drink for summer

Blend up 3 peaches – you could use fresh peaches, but it’s just as lovely to use canned peaches – which I find make a smoother pureé than fresh. Add a tablespoon of honey (or some of the syrup from the canned peaches) and a handful of ice before whizzing up again in the blender to crush the ice and combine it with the peaches. Next add a litre of cranberry juice and give the mixture a quick pulse with the blender to mix. Pour into glasses and watch the peach pureé separate from the cranberry juice and float to the top. My preference is to top up the drinks with a little fizzy water or lemonade (which is why you can see bubbles in the photos) but you might be just as happy as it already is so give it a test to see if you prefer the non-fizzy version or fancy adding a few bubbles. By the way, it’s just occurred to me that you could even top up with a bit of sparkling wine, so let me know if you give that a go!

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British summer classic drink – Pimms goes patriotic

If anyone ever asked me what the best British summer drink is, I’d always plump for Pimms. As a summer spritzer drink it’s pretty universally adored; it’s girly but not too girly that the lads won’t drink it, it’s a refreshing long drink, and it’s always nice to have a bit of fruit floating in your glass!

And now, the clever-bods in the Pimms marketing department have added a union jack design label to their classic bottles in celebration of the Diamond Jubilee and Olympics. So snap up one of these limited edition bottles and pour yourself a long, cool drink (and don’t forget to add your fruity ice cubes from previous recipe post!)



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