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MUA’s new ranges – pastel nail polish & Power Pout

I took advantage of Superdrug’s 3-for-2 offer last week and snapped up a couple of MUA items that I’ve had my eye on – including a new pastel pink polish and a couple of MUA lipsticks. I hardly ever buy anything different for myself, and I really struggled to choose a make up treat this time (I spent an hour in the shop, seriously!), but when it’s MUA at least I don’t feel so guilty because it’s so cheap!

First of all I tried out the nail polish in shade “Natural Days” for only  £1, which is such a lovely colour in the bottle but unfortunately it took at least 4 coats to get the same strength of colour on my nails because the polish was so thin. The bottle looks a bit like the Essie nail polishes, so it looks swish and I thought it’d be good, but it’s just too much effort to paint 4 coats every time, so I’ll probably not wear it much in the future – only when I want to make a special effort!

cassiefairy beauty blog new MUA pink nail polish review

The two lipsticks that I bought were MUA  £1 standard lippy in shade 15 “Juicy” which is a cute peach colour. Again I liked the colour, but the application let it down – it went on kind of clumpy and chalky so it was kind of thick in some places and thin in others. I found that it looks best if I smudge a little on with my finger rather than apply straight from the stick. I’ve also tried it on my cheeks and that looked pretty, so even if I don’t wear it much, I’m happy with it for only a quid!

MUA lipstick and power pout tint balm in rendezvous

And finally is the best product I’ve used in a long time – the new MUA version of the chubby stick – it’s called Power Pout ‘colour intense tint and balm’. I chose shade “rendezvous”, which is a totally different colour on my lips than the packaging would suggest. It’s not at all nudey/brown, it’s more of a flattering peachy-rose and it’s really a creamy texture – it’s got beeswax in it, so it really does feel like a balm. But unlike a balm, the colour stays for ages and even though it’s east to apply, I don’t need to touch it up much when I’m wearing it. I loved this product – slightly more expensive at  £3 – and it’s been in my handbag ever since.

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Beauty // Looks for 2013

Much like fashion, beauty trends change from season to season. This spring, expect to see a variety of makeup options. At the Spring 2013 Fashion Week, makeup artists used bright hues in blues and greens while lip colours in tones of brilliant reds and crimson dominated the runways. Beauty experts also emphasized the “barely there” makeup look with neutral-coloured lips and glowing skin. Plus dramatic extreme lashes and heavy eyebrows coupled with softly smudged eyeliner were a major fixture on some catwalks.

Although there seems to be a clash between the bold trends in eye and lip wear (hint: don’t wear all the trends at once!), the combination of eye-catching colours and subtle, simple shades allow you to emphasize the features you want to draw attention to. By adding a bit of colour or sparkle while keeping the rest of your look basic, you’re sure to look both fresh and on-trend this spring and summer.

beauty fashion trend beyonce taylor swift red lips spring summer 2013

Seeing Red

Although pale or glossy lips are still everywhere, this season expect to see more girls in red. During the spring fashion week, models donned shades of scarlet, magenta, and maroon. Red lips look good on just about anyone, including Beyoncé and Taylor Swift above,  however, those with small, thin lips get a boost with brighter lip hues. You can even make your teeth look whiter, just by choosing the right shade of red lipstick for your skintone (hint: choose a blue-based red). Lips appear larger and fuller in brazen colours, and outlining the lips in red pencil accentuates the shape of the mouth and makes sure that your lippy stays put. The rouge lip colours of the season run from brighter pinks to powerful, deep reds and dark cherry. Proving that red rules this spring.

Focus on the Eyes

Since the cat-eye trend became a beauty hit, dark, smoldering eye makeup has been dominating the scene, as seen on Adele at the Oscars, with dark eyeliner being a fixture in most women’s makeup bags. Some of the trends include the retro flicked-up effect, a look called the modern rim that features a tight, outline with light smudging, and dark liner with a dash of platinum or pale gold across the lids, making it easy to transform a day look into a sexier look for the evening. Some girls prefer not to wear eyeliner because it often causes bits to clump up in the inner corners of their eyes, or, for those who wear contact lenses from Acuvue (like me!), it gets into their eyes and scratches or irritates their lenses. However, many makeup companies manufacture eyeliner and mascara that is waterproof and smudge resistant, so every eyeliner lover can get her fix without worrying about any eye makeup dilemmas. Its taken me ages to find the right waterproof mascara, but now that I have, there’s no stopping me! If you still aren’t a fan of eyeliner, thick prominent eyebrows are also making waves in the beauty world – just like model Cara Delevingne wears below – and beefing up your brows will draw attention to your eyes regardless of whether or not you’re wearing eye makeup.

beauty fashion trend adele cara delevingne dark eyes and brows spring summer 2013

Keep It Clean

There’s nothing more beautiful than a clear, clean face, and this spring and summer you’ll be seeing a lot of women sporting the barely-there look. Neutral colours and pale lips were oddly popular at fashion week earlier this year. Runways were full of models with plain faces and shining skin – if only my skin looked that good! Play up this minimalist look with a light brush of blush and intense, striking eyelashes. Finish it off with natural, neutral-coloured lips and you’re ready for the spring and summer. This is the look I’ll be following this year, and letting my paleness shine through!

Let me know what you think of these trends for Spring/Summer 2013 and tell me which you’ll be wearing or have you already been sporting these looks? Leave me a comment below and tweet me @cassiefairytutu :)

missguided lipsplash peach lip gloss beauty review blog cosmopolitan miss guided 2012 Nov


Beauty Review – Missguided Lipsplash gloss (& get it free with Cosmo!)

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a copy of this month’s Cosmopolitan – which has been tricky due to the amazing product giveaway with the magazine. November’s freebie is a full-size missguided lipsplash gloss and it is available in 3 gorgeous shades, so I think that the ladies have been grabbing multiple copies of the magazine in order to get one of each colour and making it a little more difficult than normal to find the magazine in stock!

And as I began using the product, I can see why this offer has been so popular. The lip gloss is incredibly high quality and delivers a really juicy splash of colour that lasts for a surprisingly long time. I managed to get the ‘Peace’ shade, which is a really cute peachy nude colour. I usually find that chosing a gloss in this shade either gives a too-sheer, almost invisible clear-gloss look OR a dense, chalky nude look – neither of which are any good for me with my super-pale skin. But this particular gloss actually looks pretty similar to the colour in the bottle when it’s on my lips – a very fresh pinky-peach with a little sparkle – and I think I would be equally satisfied with any colour in the range. I am delighted that I’ve had the chance to check out this product thanks to Cosmo’s giveaway and now that I know what fab quality it is, I would definitely buy it in other shades from Missguided.

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Beauty Review: Boots 17 Candy Nails

I’ve tried out a new nail polish this week from Boots 17 range – yes the bargain range that my  little sister prefers – and the most funky colour palette. The 17 range is great at bringing out the season’s most fashionable make-up shades and I chose this candy lilac colour.

I needed 3 coats of this polish to get the colour as rich as the shade in the bottle as the polish was a little watery. The colour was a cute warm lilac colour – not cold like parma-violets – more of a pinky dolly-mixture colour really, if you can imagine that! However, I didn’t put on a clear topcoat, and unfortunately the polish chipped off before the day was over – it may have been as quick as a couple of hours, which was a shame. I will definitely add a topcoat in the future to get better longevity from this trendy polish.


Glossy nails that last all week with a sparkly topcoat

I picked up a bargain pot of nail varnish from BeautyUK – which is the cheapy range in Superdrug with everything priced at £1.99 or 3 for £5. I picked up this dusky purple shade called ‘Lilac Girl No 35’ for a low-cost beauty treat. I’d recently manicured my nails much shorter than usual and I think that darker and brighter colours look best on shorter nails, so I popped on 2 coats of this polish and was surprised to find that it’s pretty good quality – quick-drying and ultra glossy with a strong colour pigment. I didn’t even need a clear topcoat on my nails to get a mirror-shine gloss. The shade is a cross between a denim blue and a deep cool purples.

              After a couple of days of wear the polish was becoming less glossy so I added a topcoat of sparkly turquoise glitter to prolong the wearability of the nail varnish and to funk it up for an evening look. I like the contrast between the colours, and my nails now look like a 70s disco!


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Review – NYC mineral foundation

I’ve had my eye on the mineral foundation from the New York Colour range for a while now, especially after giving my little sister the mineral make-up kit for her birthday earlier this year. So when my normal foundation started running low, I ordered myself a pot of the NYC Naturals mineral foundation.

This is a loose powder foundation with SPF 10 and no talc, which is particularly important for my pale, sensitive skin. I’ve been using loose mineral foundations for years, but often struggled to find the correct colour and have had to mix my own in the past, but this NYC colour number i686 Natural Fair was ideal for my very light skin tone.

The foundation comes with a small kabuki brush, but it’s not a particularly soft brush and a few of the strands have already popped out and took up residence on my cheek when I was applying the foundation. I’d recommend using your usual blusher/bronzer brush to apply it but it goes on nicely and lasts well. I noticed that I needed to apply more of this product than I usually do with mineral foundations in order to get the coverage that I was after, so I may use it up faster than normal. When I applied the foundation around my nose I detected a faint medical smell, but that could be the new brush rather than the foundation and there’s much worse smells than the whiff of cleanliness! 

Overall its one of the nicer mineral foundations I’ve used in this price range. definitely a good buy for me with my very low-budget (I got this online for over a fiver!) and as much as I’d love to spend £40 on a Sheer Cover or BareMinerals kit, I’m not sure they’d be that much better to warrant the extra cash, so I’ll stick with NYC!


MUA’s Nail Polish – I’ve been looking for this shade for ages!

That’s the trouble with MUA – it’s so cheap, yet so fashionable, that it’s getting pretty difficult to find the product you’re after! In smaller Superdrug stores there’s usually only a small stand with a handful of products left on display so I count myself reeeeally lucky if I find something I like, and I grab it there and then!

With this nail polish, I’ve been looking for a nudey-mushroom colour for ages and luckily enough my last trip to Superdrug saw me grasping this glamorous little bottle in my hand & thinking to myself; ‘I’ve been looking for a mushroom shade for ages’. At that exact same moment, the lyrics of the song being played on the in-store radio included the word ‘mushroom’ (can you believe it?! what song was that?!) so I knew I had to have it.


So here’s how MUA’s shade 19 turned out on my nails – the first coat produced a very sheer nude colour, this pic is the second coat and a third coat created a dusky-lilacy-mushroomy shade. I quite like them all actually – so that’s 3 coats over 3 days giving 3 slightly different looks! It wore pretty well too – I do a lot of washing up but it only chipped on day 4. In fact, the writing started coming off the bottle before the polish chipped on my nails! And all for £1, what a bargain.


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