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It’s awards season – how do the celebrities get it so right? (or wrong!)

I was watching the Bafta’s last weekend when I started thinking about celebrity dresses and how much effort goes into creating the perfect red carpet look. I’m certain that no celebrities will want to appear in the ‘worst dressed’ column in the newspapers on the day after a big awards ceremony and I know that hours of work goes into creating an on trend look – just think about all the styling, the dress-fittings, tanning, hair and make-up, not to mention the weeks of preparation in the gym, skin treatments and beauty procedures. All this effort from teams of people in order to make sure the celebrity looks good when they head to the Oscars. Whether they win or not is another matter!

awards dresses and celebrity style keira knightley salma hayek

Unfortunately I don’t have a team of personal stylists to help me look good but with all the weddings I’m going to this year I’d like to try to look my best – especially because I might end up being immortalised in a photograph! I also know that we’re heading into prom-season and lots of you will be searching for ‘the’ dress to wear to your high school, college or university prom a little later on in the year. If only there was a way to make use of all the hours of celebrity styling that goes into a red carpet look so that you can guarantee that you’ll look as fabulous as Salma Hayek or Keira Knightley (above).

duchess of cambridge design from victorias dress

I’ve found the solution in the form of custom-dress designer Victoria’s Dress. They hand make stunning prom dresses, bridesmaid dresses and special occasion outfits but, even better than that, they can recreate celebrity red carpet dresses for a fraction of the cost of the designer version. It’s amazing how quickly they can turn red carpet dresses into a celebrity-inspired design for people like you and me. So now we can all look as great as the Duchess of Cambridge in her elegant chiffon dress for only £89 – don’t tell Kate! I’d love to wear something like this for any of the special events that I’m due to attend this year – although it would probably help if I had Catherine’s figure too! These celebrity dresses above are just a few of the designs that Victoria is reproducing so check out the celebrity range here!

cocktail outfits from victorias dress

I’m sure that my little sister will be able to find a gorgeous dress design for her college prom from this website and the fact that it is hand-made and custom-fitted will ensure that she looks as amazing as all the celebrities when she walks up her own red carpet! And there’s not only long dresses on the Victoria’s Dress website – there are shorter cocktail dresses and trendy gowns too, so I’m planning to find something suitable for the weddings that I’m attending this year. Obviously, I don’t want to look like a bridesmaid so I probably won’t go for a long dress and definitely nothing in the colour theme of the wedding (!) but I want to look my best and if my budget can stretch to it I’ll be choosing one of these glamourous cocktail dresses above – isn’t the blue one just stunning?! Visit Victoria’s Dress for yourself and check out the stunning range, and if you think any others would be right for me, please send me your suggestions!


Recycle the best fashion trends of the 80s for today

Many children of the 80s were glad to see the decade’s fashion go: all the glitter and harem pants were considered bad taste up until recently. It was just too soon, and all that stuff just looked old fashioned and cringe-worthy. But now, some 20 years on, we’re finally ready to welcome back the good stuff, and forget about the bad (power shoulder pads in particular). Here are some of the best rock’n’roll fashion trends of the 80s that you can recycle and wear right now:

80s michael jackson inspired fashion look

Image source: Michael Jackson | Street Peeper

Michael Jackson was an icon back in the 80s, and he pretty much rocked every jacket he wore. The varsity jacket is still very popular today, and it’s become a unisex trend we often spot on street style blogs. You can still pick them up in high street stores and pictured here, the sporty jacket is worn with high heels, a red dress and a tiny clutch, totally changing its initial purpose.

80s rock and roll fashion trends madonna style

Image source: Madonna  | Style Cab

Showing off your midriff was huge in the 80s. Madonna was clearly a great influence on the decade’s style, with her cross necklace and messy hair! We’re just relieved that the belly button remains hidden these days, with the high waist + crop top combination being most popular and slightly easier to pull off. This street style look above is a classy and modern way to wear a cropped top without looking like you’re trying to emulate your teenage sister!

80s fashion inspired by tom cruise

Image source: Tom Cruise | Street Gazing

The 1980s meant a big high for Ray Ban sunglasses: their Wayfarers and Clubmasters were popularized in such movies as Risky Business (starring Tom Cruise above) and quickly became a cult item. The brand had a downfall afterwards, but they’re now the most popular sunglasses in the world. Every celebrity and every person you know owns or wants a pair and I bet you’ve got a pair of this style of sunglasses at the back of your accessories drawer! Dig them out for summer 2014 and not only will you look awesome but you’ll be saving all those wrinkle-lines from squinting in the sun – just check their UV rating which might be below standard if they are really old-school.

80s rock fashion looks cindy crawford

Image source: Supermodels | Golestaneh

The most rock’n’roll thing in the 80s to wear must have been leather pants. Tight, and with a mid or high waist, those bad boys were hot as can be on supermodels Cindy Crawford and Claudia Schiffer. These days, they’ve become a bit more casual, but we’re happy to say they’ve also become more comfortable, due to technological advancements. How about raiding your big sister’s wardrobe or rummaging through Oxfam Fashion online to find a genuine 80s or 90s pair?

80s rock and roll fashion for men Axl Rose
Image source: Axl Rose | Stylogasm

Just when you thought everyone stitched their jeans back together, they’re back, and bigger than ever! In the 80s, they were the prerogative of rock fans, but now torn jeans have become a staple in every woman’s (and some mens) wardrobe. If you’re brave enough, you could tear up your own jeans but don’t go ruining a favourite pair! If you’re not sure whether this trend is for you, maybe you could pick up a reasonably priced pair of jeans from a charity shop and have a go at customising them yourself.

I hope you too can take inspiration from some of the 80s trends that have made their way back into fashion again for 2014 and let me know if you try out any of these celebrity-inspired looks. Perhaps you already have some torn jeans or cropped tops at the back of your wardrobe from the first time round? Don’t be afraid to wear them again to create an authentic 80s or 90s look without spending a penny! And when people ask where you got your new outfit, you don’t have to tell them that they are your teenage cast-offs, you can simply say “it’s vintage” and impress everyone!

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Tuesday Shoesday ~ Autumn celebrity footwear trends

The weather is officially turning wintery this week and if you haven’t already started to think about your Autumn/Winter wardrobe, you are way behind your favourite celebrity fashionistas and when the weather turns (as it so suddenly does), you’ll be wishing you’d thought about your autumn look in advance.

Really, the first thing to update is your footwear, because you’ll need to swap those pretty shoes for something more covered-up, warmer and sturdier. It’s one of the easiest ways of updating the previous season’s outfits – just get yourself a pair of statement boots and the rest of the look will follow. If you haven’t got to grips with the Autumn trends yet, don’t panic, because everything you need to know about fall footwear is right here.

 autumn winter 2013 shoe footwear trends ankle boots gwen stefani nicky hilton julianne hough

The ultimate staple footwear for Autumn/Winter is always ankle boots and you can’t beat them for turning summer outfits into autumn looks with only a pair of leggings! This makes your old summer dresses suitable to wear throughout the colder months, just like Gwen Stefani has done above. Plus, these laser-cut ankle boots are everywhere, and are great for showing little flesh while it’s still warm enough, but keeping things practical with a sensible heel and good support. When winter hits, go for a classic black leather Chelsea boot like Julianne Hough or funk up your autumn look with a monochrome buckled pair of ankle boots. Once you have found your favourite pair of ankle boots, like Nicky Hilton’s lace-up pair above, that’s all you’ll need to keep your wardrobe looking cool until next Spring!

autumn winter 2013 shoe footwear trends recce witherspoon jessica alba liv tyler 

A huge trend for this Autumn/Winter is flat shoes – From cute pumps to ballet slippers, and even the occasional flatform – provided you keep it chic like Reece Witherspoon above – everything goes! These shoes are super-comfortable and will minimize slipping when the sidewalk is wet under-foot and especially practical are high-top trainers like the ones Jessica Alba is sporting – very relaxed and cool, whist also being the easiest-ever shoes to walk in! Funky fabrics were all over the A/W13 catwalk so stay on trend by giving your flat shoes an unconventional twist – choose fabrics such as patent, velvet and perspex.

I hope you can use some of the tips above for updating your own summer wardrobe, so that you’re ready to be super-comfortable and on-trend during the winter months. What will you be putting on your feet this Autumn/Winter? Get in touch and leave me a comment below…


Tuesday Shoesday ~ High heels: show-stopper or back-breaker? Famous falls in skyscraper heels!

Wearing sky high heels may make you feel on top of the world, but as these celebrities highlight, there is a long way to fall when strapping on your favourite Christian Louboutin’s. So here are a few examples of why it may be best to play is safe with a pair of stylish but comfy women’s shoes on a day to day basis;

Catwalk models are seasoned pros in the stiletto department, however, Prada’s Spring 09 shoes proved too much for three of the models.  In particular, it’s hard not to squirm as you see the strains Katie Fogerty’s ankles were going through as she tried to keep her balance. This ending with her unzipping the gorgeous designer shoes before they caused her any serious injury, might be best to keep these as ornaments rather than footwear!

Similarly, Agness Deyn has also had her fair share of bumps and bruises on the runway falling twice in Naomi Campbell’s Fashion For Relief Haiti Benefit. Luckily, her upbeat charm managed to laugh it off and take a curtsey to hide the embarrassment and later tweeting about the falls hurting her knees.

Some of our favourite performers have also fallen with a thud in fast paced dance routines. Owning the stage in platforms is not as easy as celebrities make it look; Beyonce, Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez have all suffered heavy falls on stage from a slip of the heel. This is due to excessive pressure being placed on the foot whilst it is in an unnatural position which can cause sprains as well as long term damage to your feet, legs and back.

One star who is famous for her love of outlandish outfits is Lady Gaga. She has experimented with sky scrapers as high as 10 inches (and who can forget her Alexander McQueen specials!), but even her avante garde style has left her head over heels when she took a tumble on stage as this video shows;

She shows true showmanship and springs back up carrying on with a seamless performance. That is not to say that this hasn’t caused personal injury or upset to others in the past, celebrities are prepared to power through painful falls but they can easily cause muscle damage as the pressure on the knee is heightened.

So, is it really worth it? Carol Vordaman’s recent fall down several steps face first left her with a broken nose that had to be reset after she was rushed to hospital.  She counted herself lucky that the injuries were not more serious after her ankle boots left her more vulnerable. Ouch!

Overall, it’s a tough sacrifice admitting defeat from your favourite pair of toe-tappers, but if they are causing you serious pain and you are clinging onto friends or furniture for extra support then they may not be worth the long term injury. Bunions, sprains and more seriously, osteoarthritis, are all side effects from the added pressure to the inside of the woman’s knees caused from extensive heel wearing. Therefore, it is important to ensure that on a day to day basis your shoes are comfy and sensible, and perhaps save the stilettoes for a special night, that way we can ensure that shoes remain a lady’s best friend.

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Get the look – How to learn about fashion and style


It’s easy to assume that all those fashionistas you see on the street were born with an eye for style and an innate understanding of what looks good. In most cases though, they just know the right places to look to check out new styles, and what it takes to change a style from something they’ve seen into reality.

If you have even a small creative bone in your body, it’s likely that you too can learn about style if you know the places to look. Here are some tried and true methods to go from staring envyingly at an awesome outfit to decoding the style elements and incorporating them into your own look.

Look at your favorite celebs & style icons

If your goal is to learn about fashion so you can become more fashionable yourself, then the celebs whose outfits you most admire can be a great place to start. The trick is to not be overwhelmed or intimidated when you first being paging through Vogue and Hello or browsing These celebrities and models have stylists who are paid a great deal to come up with outfits for them, plus most have a bottomless wardrobe (not to mention designer freebies!) to choose from.

The good thing about stars having paid stylists is that you can steal their hard work for free, just by checking out their pictures. Pick out a few favorite celebrities’ looks and grab a notepad. Now you’re going to break down the major elements of the outfits you’ve chosen. Really look at what they’re wearing and what makes the style. Is it a tailored jacket with a flirty skirt (tutu even)? Coloured tights? Eye-catching accessories? If you’re like me, the same sorts of staple items will come up in many of your favourite looks. By the time you finish, you’ll have a list of different items you can begin incorporating into your own wardrobe.

Check out fashion blogs

Fashion blogs are excellent to have in your style arsenal, because in many cases they do this fashion decoding for you. Many pick out different style elements and highlight new looks; whether you’ already an avid blog-reader or not, they’ll help you understand the current trends. Refinery 29 is an excellent blog which breaks down current looks and makes suggestions for style combinations. Other blogs, such as Street Peeper and the Sartorialist, post pics of enviable street fashion from around the world. When you find styles you like, perform the same “style analysis” that you did on the celebs, breaking down the actual elements of the outfit in writing. In this way, you’ll be able to keep track of established and emerging trends.           

Keep an eye on street fashion

While street fashion blogs are certainly excellent at cataloguing worldwide trends, it’s likely that there are at least a few fashionable lads and lasses in your town; if you live in a city, then there are hundreds. In your daily comings and goings about town, look at people who immediately strike you as “put together.” Make a mental note of the major elements of their look—is she wearing stacked wedges, cutoff shorts, tribal prints? Be a style thief and look to others for inspiration. You’ll probably find that after a short while you’ll be able to improvise these put together looks on your own.

Read books & magazines

While books might seem like the opposite of fashion (old and dusty versus new and trendy), they can actually be great tools for learning about style. Look books and fashion books chronicle everything from vintage fashion to the latest trends, and can help you gain a little perspective on fashion’s evolution. The library will usually have the latest issues of Vogue and Elle, and these are always worth a look too. I personally love leafing through old issues in the journals archive to see how fashions have changed over the years (and sometimes have a giggle too – did anyone really wear that?!).

How do you go about re-creating celeb outfits? What influences your own personal style? Do you already read fashion blogs and what do you think about them? Leave me a comment! x


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