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Happy Pancake Day – Top Tips for Shrove Tuesday

This year Shrove Tuesday has really crept up on me and I’ve only just realised that today I’ll be cooking and scoffing crazy quantities of pancakes for my dinner. I also need to have a think about what to give up for lent – it’s probably going to be chocolate, so that I can reeeeaally enjoy my Thorntons Chocolate Egg (hint!) at Easter.

I wanted to share some top tips for pancakes and making a meal of Shrove Tuesday:

  • Open a tin of condensed caramel and spread on your pancake with a sliced banana for a banoffee-style treat
  • Roll up a Yorkshire wrap – layer thinly sliced roast beef and a smear of horseradish or mustard in a pancake, roll it up and pour on lashings of meaty gravy. (Recipe made legendary by The Guild pub in Preston!)
  • Stir some grated cheddar and thinly diced onion into cream cheese; spread and roll!
  • How about a pancake burritto? Add mexican spices to mince, some chilli mixed beans and plenty of cheese and salad to your pancake and fold into a yummy pancake meal
  • Chocolate Delight – Add some cocoa powder to your pancake mix and cover with chocolate spread or sauce. Add a smear of peanut butter if you’d like a Snickers-esque pudding!
  • And traditional sugar and lemon never fails to delight!



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Famous Tutus – Sk8er girl in pink frills

A very quick blogpost with a photo of Avril Lavigne in her black and pink pettiskirt – showing that tutus aren’t necessarily only for girly-girls – even a tom-boi rock chick can enjoy a bit of glamour with her trainers. Plus, here’s the versions if you want to rock this punk-goth look too!


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Is that a moth in Gok Wan’s wallet..? Shopping the ‘real’ high-street way at long last!

Over the years Gok Wan has so often proclaimed that you don’t need to spend a fortune to look good. Yet in past series of Gok’s Clothes Roadshow and Gok’s Fashion Fix the stylist continued to spend hundreds of pounds on “high-street” clothing in order to beat designer fashion in a head-to-head battle to creating the season’s hottest looks.

On more than one occasion I have been heard to complain about Gok’s extravagant spending; “Even I could do it for less than that!” and I’ve even written to Channel 4 to point out that a 75 quid cardi is not cheap nor something that I’d happily cut-up as Gok suggests, but would be a serious investment piece for me! Just because it is sold on a high street, doesn’t make it “high street” in the way Gok is suggesting. A bit cheat-y if you ask me.

Rant over. Watching the new series of Gok’s Clothes Roadshow yesterday stopped my whingeing in its tracks. Gok has started using ‘proper’ high-street retailers to create his £50 fashion looks, and by ‘proper’ I mean the sort of places I can afford to shop. And I’m sure I’m not the only one to be delighted that the clothes recommended were from places such as Dorothy Perkins, New Look, Asda and shock-horror even Primark! I can finally buy what I see! I’m off to buy the star-print dress featured in the show for only £17.

Although, perhaps not: Surely the items that Gok recommends will fly out of the shops – even his website containing the list of clothing used proclaims that “unfortunately, many of the items featured in the show are no longer available to buy” – of course not, all the high-street hotties have rushed out and bought ’em!

Despite this small setback, I was pleased with the new Get the Look for Less approach of the show and thoroughly delighted with Gok’s do-it-yourself feature on creating glitter heeled shoes – not the glue-gun-haberdashery he was so fond of in the past, but very clever instructions & the sort of thing I would actually do myself. View the step-by-step video here

Yes, the new series of Gok’s Clothes Roadshow is certainly worth a watch. Especially for all us recessionistas out there!

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Spotted! – Tutus in TV Advertising

I’ve recently been noticing an abundance of tutus in advertising, which I am very pleased about as it shows that the popularly of this girly item is growing again!

The first tutu that I noticed was on the Brothers Cider Advert – a product that I personally love, and an advert that makes me happy and want to dance around in one of my many tutus! Here’s the video:

This tutu reminds me of my new range of ruffle pettiskirt tutus, and its similar to this one:


Another advert that features a tutu is the new Kellogg’s Cornflakes advert which shows a street-party with all the residents getting together for breakfast. A little girl in a cute pink ballet tutu is the star of the show, running and jumping down the steps of her house to join in the breakfast feast! Here’s the advert:



It’s a nostalgic advert with a sunny sepia filter, and the tutu reminds me of this white sparkly ballet tutus with ribbon trim or this ruffle pettiskirt tutu:


And I’m sure I’ve spotted a tutu in the new Cillit Bang! advert, but I can’t find the video online yet so I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled during the ad breaks! Yes, I really have nothing better to do with my time! haha!

Have you spotted any tutus in advertising recently? If so where?! Get in touch @CassiefairyTutu on twitter or contact me below:

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Tuesday Shoesday – Bluberry Glitter

Today I’d like to tell you all about a fabulous company that I’ve come across – Bluberry Ice. They a unique shoe company who hand-craft crystal encursted shoes… and when I say shoes, I mean absolutely any kind of footwear – they are working on a pair of flip flops and trainers as we speak!

They retail their own brand of gorgeous shoes and strappy sandals through their online shop and it doesn’t stop there – they can also customise your own special shoes!

Their bespoke ‘bling-up’ service for your own shoes is created using authentic Swarovski crystals and many hours spent sprinkling their magic over the footwear. I think its an absolutely brilliant service, especially for bridal shoes or heels for a special occasion (ahem…my big birthday anyone!?).

I really like the idea that I’d be wearing gorgeous shoes that noone else in the world has – a truly 100% unique fashion piece! (plus maybe a matching Swarovski purse and phone too!) Bluberry Ice have customised shoes for Denise Van Outen, Lauren Goodger, Claire Sweeney, Cher Lloyd to name-drop a few of my faves, plus providing footwear for many fashion photoshoots!

If you check out the site and decide to order, please quote CFT when you get in touch with them and I’ll be able to pass on a £10 discount directly to you when you receive your shoes! …and I’d love to see a pic!


Tuesday Shoesday – Bling Bling!

More tuesday shoesday fun from Kelly Osbourne this week – quickly becoming a regular star of my Shoeday posts!

Not only is Kelly wearing the most blinging shoes in the world to the 2011 Grammys, she is also sporting a tutu-esque dress so scores Cassiefairy cool-points on both counts!

One of my favourite blogs The Bride Fairy  has inspired this week’s Tuesday Shoesday with her love of crystal-encrusted shoes – and she offers a customising service for brides everywhere – just send in your bridal shoes and she’ll do the rest. Even though I’m already married, I could do with a pair of these in my life anyway!


Here’s my versions of both Kelly Osbourne’s shoes from ASOS and her tutu (from, where else?!)

  Image 1 of Carvela Guess Diamante Peep Toe Heeled Shoe

Also look at my Twitter friend’s beautiful Swarovski crystal custom-made shoes that I absolutely LOVE! (Actually, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Kelly Osbourne’s shoes had been bespoke-made by BluberryIce themselves!)


Follow them on Twitter @bluberryiceltd and check out their glamourous website whilst I continue to covet their sparkly nude court shoes!


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