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Remember when the January sales started in January?!

I remember that not too long ago (well, in my lifetime at least) the January sales started on January 1st. We’d all have a proper week off over Christmas and the only thing you’d need to drag yourself out of the house for was a pint of milk and loaf of bread. Then at 6am on January 1st the hardened bargain-hunters would queue up on the high street and hit the sales for the best deals. Then people like me would rock up mid-January for the last-reductions and scoop the  £1 tops and 50p socks.

But nowadays, the sales begin on boxing day! While I’m sitting at home with a leftover potatoes-n-sprouts-bubble-n-squeak breakfast there are shoppers queuing outside Next to get the bargains. And mostly I feel sorry for the staff in these high street stores – they work until 8pm on Christmas Eve and are back in work at 6am on Boxing Day – no holiday fun for those workers.

apricot sale my bargain dresses and tops

But all is not lost for festive-loungers like myself – I can now grab myself a bargain without leaving the house – yes, the Boxing Day sales have come to me via the internet! Everything that I can get in store is also reduced online and some even start on Christmas Eve! Excellent news – just a couple of clicks and I can buy bargains such as these amazing deals (above) that I snapped up from New Look boutique brand Apricot at 75% off. Plus, I’ve found out that they are doing free delivery over £50 – bonus! Check out these bargains and more at and get your sales shopping done without leaving the house at apricot = quick before all the deals are gone!

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Boxing day – Fancy dress traditions

So the big day has come and gone, but what better way to cheer yourself up after the excitement of Christmas day than with a spot of fancy dress?!

I know many towns around the UK have a tradition of Boxing Day fancy dress and many seaside locations have a fancy dress Boxing Day ‘dip’ in the sea. Too cold if you ask me, but fun all the same!


So (as if you need an excuse!) pull on your tutu and join the fancy dress revellers enjoying Boxing Day in their traditional way!


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