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Tuesday Shoesday – I’ve hunted for the best of the Jan Sales!

It’s a pretty dull time of  year; everyone is back at work or school now, the weather is drizzly and grey, and the next payday seems a long way off. But don’t go thinking that you can’t afford a little treat to perk yourself up during ‘the most depressing month of the year’. I have trawled through the sales and there are some lovely little footwear bargains to be found in the final reductions of the January sales!

tuesday shoesday patent leather shoes in january 2013 sales new look shoebou debenhams matalan

Here are my favourite cheapy heels – all of which are still in stock and can be bought now in the online sales from Shoubou, New Look, Debenhams, Matalan, Asda, Boohoo, H&M and ASOS at these bargain prices. Oddly enough, I’ve chosen quite a few sexy patent heels and I had to force myself to look at different types of shoes – I think it was just the shinyness catching my eye in contrast to the dullness of January! Considering the only thing I’ve bought in the January sales is a toilet seat, I think I deserve something glamourous for myself :) 

tuesday shoesday cheapest sale shoes jan 2013 asda asos boohoo h and m heels

Did you get yourself any treats in the sales? Which of these bargain-basement shoes do you like? Let me know your ideas for beating the blues in January and where to shop for the best last-minute sales reductions..!


Pumpkin princess nails

To create a cute pumpkin look for Halloween, and also for the upcoming bonfire night celebrations (I think my nails look a bit like a bonfire, no?), I tried out the new glitter varnish that I ordered last week from Avon.

I painted a couple of coats of no 27 Orange polish from Asda’s make-up range topped with a layer of sparkly gold nail topcoat by Color Trend (currently on offer for £1.50 at Avon online). I was genuinely surprised by the quality of this polish – usually Avon’s cheaper ‘teen’ range is a disappointment in terms of quality and coverage, but this one was worth the cash (I actually bought it at £1.99, so I might go back for the purple and silver shades now that they are reduced).

I often find that glittery polishes catch my eye and I snap them up, only to find that the coverage is so poor that I only end up with a couple of crumbs of glitter on each nail and it takes many coats to get a good sparkly effect. In these images I have used only one coat of the ‘Gold Flecked’ nail polish and I think it’s delivered a great amount of glitter with both large ‘sequin’ flakes and tiny glitter specks. I’ve only had it on today so can’t comment on how long the polish will last, but I am certainly glad that I bought it – especially with christmas coming up, as I like to ramp up my glitter usage around the festive time of year!

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Moschino: Ballet skirts are key for S/S 2012

I spotted this Moschino outfit in a Glamour fashion shoot last month and couldn’t believe the price tag on this skirt – £1525! To be fair, it looks gorgeous and this look is such a hot combination of sensible and frivolous – a smart shirt tucked into a frilly petticoat combined with über-glam red heels.

Red (Red) Snake Wedge Court | 230724060 | New LookSheer Blouse - Yellow

It’s a look that I’ll be trying out this spring/summer season but perhaps with a lower cost petticoat – £22.99 from ! Red wedge shoes from New Look £19.99 and shirt from George at Asda £12 – designer style at a fraction of the price! 


Tuesday Shoesday – These boots were made for… charity


October is Wear it Pink month to raise awareness and funds for Breast Cancer Campaign so this week’s Tuesday Shoesday is focusing on footwear that raises money for charity. Wear it Pink day is the 28th October 2011 and is supporting the cause by donating whenever a pink tutu is purchased on the website throughout October. And of course, you’ll need some nifty pink footwear to match to here’s a few to get you started:

Check out The Breast Cancer Site for pink ribbon themed footwear, including wellies, flip flops and these trainers (perfect for fun-runs!). Every time you enter the website, there’s a pink button you can click to give money to the charity for free. I know it sounds odd, but clicking on the button results in a sponsor donating to the cause on your behalf, which has resulted in having distributed nearly 50,000 free mammograms since the year 2000.

For those of you who love your UGGs there’s even a pink ribbon pair being launched exclusively by The Walking Company retail stores and online site. These UGG Australia Classic Short boots come in chestnut or pink and feature a small pink ribbon emblem on the side back. Priced at just under $150, 5% of the purchase price of these boots will be donated to City of Hope, one of Australia’s leading research, treatment and education centers for cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

And finally, you can pick up a pair of Tickled Pink wellies whilst doing your supermarket shopping this weekend and support ASDA’s fundraising for Breast Cancer Care and Breast Cancer Campaign. And these eye-catching hot pink wellies are just £13 what a bargain! Plus ASDA has tons of fundraising products throughout the store – even butter & cereal, just look out for the Ticked Pink ribbon.

And don’t forget your pink tutu from !

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Is that a moth in Gok Wan’s wallet..? Shopping the ‘real’ high-street way at long last!

Over the years Gok Wan has so often proclaimed that you don’t need to spend a fortune to look good. Yet in past series of Gok’s Clothes Roadshow and Gok’s Fashion Fix the stylist continued to spend hundreds of pounds on “high-street” clothing in order to beat designer fashion in a head-to-head battle to creating the season’s hottest looks.

On more than one occasion I have been heard to complain about Gok’s extravagant spending; “Even I could do it for less than that!” and I’ve even written to Channel 4 to point out that a 75 quid cardi is not cheap nor something that I’d happily cut-up as Gok suggests, but would be a serious investment piece for me! Just because it is sold on a high street, doesn’t make it “high street” in the way Gok is suggesting. A bit cheat-y if you ask me.

Rant over. Watching the new series of Gok’s Clothes Roadshow yesterday stopped my whingeing in its tracks. Gok has started using ‘proper’ high-street retailers to create his £50 fashion looks, and by ‘proper’ I mean the sort of places I can afford to shop. And I’m sure I’m not the only one to be delighted that the clothes recommended were from places such as Dorothy Perkins, New Look, Asda and shock-horror even Primark! I can finally buy what I see! I’m off to buy the star-print dress featured in the show for only £17.

Although, perhaps not: Surely the items that Gok recommends will fly out of the shops – even his website containing the list of clothing used proclaims that “unfortunately, many of the items featured in the show are no longer available to buy” – of course not, all the high-street hotties have rushed out and bought ’em!

Despite this small setback, I was pleased with the new Get the Look for Less approach of the show and thoroughly delighted with Gok’s do-it-yourself feature on creating glitter heeled shoes – not the glue-gun-haberdashery he was so fond of in the past, but very clever instructions & the sort of thing I would actually do myself. View the step-by-step video here

Yes, the new series of Gok’s Clothes Roadshow is certainly worth a watch. Especially for all us recessionistas out there!


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