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Get your art out there – affordable ways to promote artists & exhibitions

As you will probably know if you have read my blog for a while, my husband is an artist and runs a number of events as well as curating exhibitions and art projects. For him it is really important to get information about his art events out there so that interested people can attend. Spreading the word about events or projects can be tricky. Social media is a fab way of advertising event details to your followers, but what if you want a wider reach or appeal to people who may not have a Facebook or twitter account?

Leaflet printing is one option. Printed leaflets or flyers are an affordable way of advertising and for Andy they are the perfect way to spread the word about his events. A simple eye-catching leaflet is an effective way of grabbing people’s attention and showcasing some of the pieces that they will be able to see. You don’t have to spend hours designing a complex leaflet, I find that often the most effective adverts or branding are the most minimal. A busy, fussy leaflet would certainly put me off! You also risk losing the important information such as the time and date of the event if you have a cluttered leaflet.


Here are a few tips on designing the perfect leaflet for you event:

  • Sounds obvious, but make sure the copy highlights your event or services
  • Keep the layout simple, let your message stand out
  • Think about your colour scheme – do you want bright, vibrant colours or muted pastels? Classic monochrome can also look stunning
  • Think about your target audience – will it appeal to them?
  • One last thing to consider is whether you go for a one sided, double sided leaflet or folded leaflet

Once you’ve come up with your design and found a leaflet printing company how are you going to distribute them? Andy has a few places where he knows they will be happy to put a few of his leaflets advertising exhibitions or events. I would recommend asking around in shops or businesses where you think your target audience will visit.

I hope this has been useful and given you a few ideas on how you can advertise an event. If you want to check out any of Andy’s work or upcoming events then check out his website

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Tutus Spotted – Even car companies are featuring fairies!

I spotted a very cute fairy bouncing around in her tutu in a car advert recently and have added it to my growing collection of tutus spotted in advertising.

Although VW are now only showing the shorter edited version of this advert on the telly, I did a quick YouTube search for the full advert and found it straight away. I really like this advert (as far a car advertising goes, it’s quite nice!) and I find myself getting a little emotional at the end, especially as my brother and his wife are expecting their first child this summer. As a family of VW enthusiasts who already own a few Dubs including a campervan, I wonder if they’ll buy their child a Polo for their first car after seeing this advert?! Anyway, here it is:


Tutus & fairies galore – in the “Grandma’s Tin” Mr Kipling’s TV advert

I saw this advert over the weekend and it was full of little girls and boys in cute fancy dress costumes, including lots of tutus and fairy wings! Of course I was delighted with it and simply had to share this adorable advert with you. Here’s the full advert video on YouTube:



Tutus Spotted: The world’s tiniest tutu?

I’ve just spotted this Esure advert and it features a cute mouse wearing the world’s tiniest pink tutu! How cute!

I’ve just added a special offer to the new Tutus, Wing and Pretty Things website – all of our burlesque bustle tutus are reduced – in three different styles and tons of colour combinations! There’s even a cute pink ruffle tutu a bit like the mouse’s tutu – only a little bigger! Check it out now and grab a bargain while they are on offer this week!


Tutus spotted – Little princess in Ecover TV advert 2012

Another tutu sighting has occurred – it was spotted on the Ecover TV advert – click on the image below to view the advert:

This goes to show once again how popular tutus are – especially with little girls, who love dressing up! Advertisers are choosing tutus time and again for their adverts, so I think that the tutu is here to stay!


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Spotted! – Tutus in TV Advertising

I’ve recently been noticing an abundance of tutus in advertising, which I am very pleased about as it shows that the popularly of this girly item is growing again!

The first tutu that I noticed was on the Brothers Cider Advert – a product that I personally love, and an advert that makes me happy and want to dance around in one of my many tutus! Here’s the video:

This tutu reminds me of my new range of ruffle pettiskirt tutus, and its similar to this one:


Another advert that features a tutu is the new Kellogg’s Cornflakes advert which shows a street-party with all the residents getting together for breakfast. A little girl in a cute pink ballet tutu is the star of the show, running and jumping down the steps of her house to join in the breakfast feast! Here’s the advert:



It’s a nostalgic advert with a sunny sepia filter, and the tutu reminds me of this white sparkly ballet tutus with ribbon trim or this ruffle pettiskirt tutu:


And I’m sure I’ve spotted a tutu in the new Cillit Bang! advert, but I can’t find the video online yet so I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled during the ad breaks! Yes, I really have nothing better to do with my time! haha!

Have you spotted any tutus in advertising recently? If so where?! Get in touch @CassiefairyTutu on twitter or contact me below:


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