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I really love to write and blog. I have been writing reviews and articles for years and I love guest blogging! Here’s a few of the publications that have featured my articles and products. I am always on the look out for more opportunities to get my writing out there and I love to read other blogs so please get in touch with your suggestions!

Please drop me an email if you’d like any reviews, articles or blog content writing for you or your brand and I’ll try my best to help:


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         Creative Crafting                      Local Choice                         Lancashire Bride

Website Re-Launch Review

Can a one-woman craft business turn into a worldwide online phenomenon? It has certainly worked out well for other producers, such as Layla Amber Jewellery who has been featured in numerous blogs, articles and magazines and Vivien of Holloway who sold her wares from a small shop before launching her line of vintage-inspired clothing to the world through her online boutique.

Compared to these popular retailers Cassie is only just starting out. She has already opened her high street store in Lancashire, and run a locally-based website to promote her custom-made tutus. But now Cassie wants to join the big players in online retail, becoming ‘The Tutu Specialist’ online. For starters, the new website has had a massive make-over – its gone from a couple of pages and a ‘buy-now’ button for her handcrafted tutus, to a professional, yet still very welcoming, retail site – with pages of new products, clear product images and a consistent branding throughout.

I’m pleased to report that website re-design has not lost the essence of the original Cassiefairy website, which is a very friendly, customer-focused website; so the social media page remains and Cassiefairy’s trend, lifestyle and news blog provides entertainment (and so I’m told, a good lunchtime read!) and her well thought-out list of links are essential reading for girls interested in fashion, craft, style and good design. I find that other glossy online fashion retailers are rather impersonal and rarely do they consider providing fun information or communicate with their customers in the chummy, chatty way that Cassiefairy always does through her blog, Twitter & Facebook.

Cassiefairy certainly knows her audience, and Cassie took on the website re-design herself to ensure that innocent, homely style of the old Cassiefairy was not lost amongst all the glossy images and hundreds of new products. And I believe it has worked out perfectly. It’s a non-threatening retail site, but one that certainly reaches out to a larger online audience and she reports that orders are already being dispatched worldwide – with the furthest locations being Canada and Australia. Impressive for a one-woman outfit from East Anglia!

I would encourage girls of all ages to make a visit to and have a rummage through the customer section, enjoy a good read, share some photos and browse through the impressive product ranges from this ‘Tutu Specialist’ – if you’re in the market for pretty fashion petticoats, birthday or hen party tutus, fancy dress costumes or fairy paraphernalia, you can’t go far wrong on – its girl heaven!

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