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Nice Ice Baby – Fruity ice for your summer drinks


I had a bit of a result last week when I snapped up a load of reduced fruit, and although I’d bought a bit more than I could use, I had the idea in the back of my mind that I could have a go a freezing them. I love having ice in my cold drinks, in fact, I go right off a drink if it doesn’t have ice in it! So for someone like me (who has a dedicated ice drawer in the freezer) the idea of freezing slices of fruit into ice-cubes was very appealing!

So I sliced up lemons, limes and oranges and squeezed a little corresponding juice into the cubes before adding water for a little extra fruity taste. The orange slices are great in fresh orange juice, the lime is fantastic in a coke or Florida orange drink, and the lemon works with everything, but is especially good in a cloudy lemonade for a home-made look. I even tried some pomegranate seeds in ice cubes which is fantastic in a grape & pomegranate cordial I have and the seeds even float! My ‘ice-drawer’ has never looked so colourful, and guests are impressed that they have a choice of ice for their drinks!

I think this could go even further and I’m  considering freezing some sprigs of mint for Mojitos and slices of strawberries (only a pound per punnet in Tesco & Asda at the moment) for floating my Pimms. I even spotted some jazzy ice-cubes in Jamie Oliver’s Great Britain book; with flowers in!

Have you ever tried making your own fruity ice cubes? Or flavoured ice? Let me know!

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11 thoughts on “Nice Ice Baby – Fruity ice for your summer drinks

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  4. And mint in simple syrup for mojitos and caipirinhas.

  5. Totally stealing this idea, but I might even take it one step further and freeze my fruit in wine… because, really, can you ever have too much sangria?

    • Hahaha at least the wine-ice won’t water down your drinks! x

      • The red wine/pear ice cubes I made worked out pretty well. I sprinkled some sugar on top, since eventually they’ll make it into a glass of sangria. They aren’t as pretty as yours; I discovered, through finally paying attention, that my fridge tilts to the back and my cubes are spectacularly lopsided.

        Thanks for sharing this idea!

      • Oooh I love the idea of special sangria ice cubes! Thanks :)

  6. Yummy, and it looks so pretty!

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