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My Little Bicycle


I’ve just been given a new bike! Well, I say new, but what I mean is, new to me –  it’s actually a very old bicycle that’s been passed through the family, from my husband’s aunt, to my mother-in-law and now to me. It’s such a tiny little bike, but I think it’s so cute and definitely quaintly vintage with its trilling bell and shopper basket on the front.

Yesterday, I took my bicycle out for its first proper journey – my husband and I went for a picnic at lunchtime at the woodland trust reserve a few miles away from our home. It was a lovely sunny day yesterday and we packed up a lunch, popped it in the basket of my bike and set out for a leisurely ride through the countryside.


I’m sure this is just the first of many journeys we’ll take on my little bicycle, but judging by the ouch-factor of my bum today, I’ll need to get in a lot more practice (and possibly a padded seat!).

Author: Cassiefairy

Cassie is a freelance writer with a Masters degree in lifestyle promotion studies. She loves to 'get the look for less' so regularly shares thrifty fashion posts, DIY interior design ideas and low-cost recipes on her blog

5 thoughts on “My Little Bicycle

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