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Tuesday Shoesday – Life’s a Beach at London Fashion Week

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Charlotte Dellal debuted her new Charlotte Olympia “Sirens” shoe collection for Spring/Summer 2012 at London Fashion Week, displaying a bonkers selection of seashell embellishments, flamingo feathers and deck chair colours.


The kitsch designs and pun-loaded names (such as banana leaf print platforms ‘Leaf Me Alone’ and gold shell-covered heels “Shelly”) project a cheeky playful holiday image, based on 40s & 50s America. She said her shoe designs were based on 50s Miami beach glamour; “I’ve only been there once in my life. It [the show setting] could be any Americana town I guess, but with the film set and the beach here I wanted to create Miami as you’d imagine it to be, Miami in the movies.”

The 'Ursula' court shoes from the Charlotte Olympia spring/summer 2012 collection

Does this mean we’ll all be getting out the glue-gun to stick our holiday shells to our shoes next season? Personally, I think this may be a step too far (excuse the pun, although Dellal would be proud…) and I can’t help imagining the sound of the ‘crunch’ when one of my embellishments drops off & rolls underneath my flamingo-coloured heel. What do you think? Leave me a comment below:


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One thought on “Tuesday Shoesday – Life’s a Beach at London Fashion Week

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